Top 100 German Words

We believe in learning the most important German vocabularies first to start off your learning journey on the right foot. The German vocabulary list below contains 100 of the most frequently used German words. For more vocabularies like that, check out our yellow German vocabulary book towards the end of this page.
German Vocabulary 1-20
German Vocabulary 21-60
German Vocabulary 61-100

German Vocabulary 1-20

I in Germanich
you in Germandu
he in Germaner
she in Germansie
it in Germanes
we in Germanwir
you in Germanihr
they in Germansie
what in Germanwas
who in Germanwer
where in Germanwo
why in Germanwarum
how in Germanwie
which in Germanwelches
when in Germanwann
then in Germandann
if in Germanwenn
really in Germanwirklich
but in Germanaber
because in Germanweil

German Vocabulary 21-60

not in Germannicht
this in Germandieses
I need this in GermanIch brauche das
How much is this? in GermanWie viel kostet das?
that in Germandas
all in Germanalle
or in Germanoder
and in Germanund
to know in Germanwissen (wusste, gewusst)
I know in GermanIch weiß
I don't know in GermanIch weiß nicht
to think in Germandenken (dachte, gedacht)
to come in Germankommen (kam, gekommen)
to put in Germanlegen (legte, gelegt)
to take in Germannehmen (nahm, genommen)
to find in Germanfinden (fand, gefunden)
to listen in Germanzuhören (hörte zu, zugehört)
to work in Germanarbeiten (arbeitete, gearbeitet)
to talk in Germansprechen (sprach, gesprochen)
to give in Germangeben (gab, gegeben)
to like in Germanmögen (mochte, gemocht)
to help in Germanhelfen (half, geholfen)
to love in Germanlieben (liebte, geliebt)
to call in Germantelefonieren (telefonierte, telefoniert)
to wait in Germanwarten (wartete, gewartet)
I like you in GermanIch mag dich
I don't like this in GermanIch mag das nicht
Do you love me? in GermanLiebst du mich?
I love you in GermanIch liebe dich
0 in Germannull
1 in Germaneins
2 in Germanzwei
3 in Germandrei
4 in Germanvier
5 in Germanfünf
6 in Germansechs
7 in Germansieben
8 in Germanacht
9 in Germanneun
10 in Germanzehn
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German Vocabulary 61-100

11 in Germanelf
12 in Germanzwölf
13 in Germandreizehn
14 in Germanvierzehn
15 in Germanfünfzehn
16 in Germansechzehn
17 in Germansiebzehn
18 in Germanachtzehn
19 in Germanneunzehn
20 in Germanzwanzig
new in Germanneu
old in Germanalt
few in Germanwenige
many in Germanviele
how much? in Germanwie viel?
how many? in Germanwie viele?
wrong in Germanfalsch
correct in Germanrichtig
bad in Germanschlecht
good in Germangut
happy in Germanglücklich
short in Germankurz
long in Germanlang
small in Germanklein
big in Germangroß
there in Germandort
here in Germanhier
right in Germanrechts
left in Germanlinks
beautiful in Germanschön
young in Germanjung
old in Germanalt
hello in GermanHallo
see you later in GermanBis später
ok in Germanok
take care in GermanPass auf
don't worry in GermanMach dir keine Sorgen
of course in Germannatürlich
good day in GermanGuten Tag
hi in GermanHallo

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German Vocabulary Books

Learn German - Quick / Easy / Efficient

Learn German - Quick / Easy / Efficient

This vocabulary book is a curated German word frequency list with 2000 of the most common German words and phrases. Following the Pareto principle (80/20 rule), this book is built to streamline the learning process by concentrating on the core words and sentence structures. The result is a unique book ideal for driven learners and language hackers.
German Vocabulary Book

German Vocabulary Book

This German vocabulary book contains more than 3000 words and phrases and is organized by topic to make it easier for you to pick what to learn first. It is well suited for learners of all levels who are looking for an extensive resource to improve their vocabulary or are interested in learning vocabularies in one particular area of interest.

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On our partner platform Flashcardo you can find German flashcards to practice online for free ordered by topics and frequency of use, similar to our two vocabulary books above.

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