Nature & Weather in Greek

Many activities rely on the weather. To understand the local Greek weather report, we have put together a list of Greek weather and nature vocabularies for you. For even more Greek vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Greek at the end of the page.
Weather in Greek
Elements in Greek
Plants in Greek
Earth in Greek
Universe in Greek

Weather in Greek

rain in Greek(η) βροχή (vrochí)
snow in Greek(το) χιόνι (chióni)
ice in Greek(ο) πάγος (págos)
wind in Greek(ο) άνεμος (ánemos)
storm in Greek(η) καταιγίδα (kataigída)
cloud in Greek(το) σύννεφο (sýnnefo)
thunderstorm in Greek(η) καταιγίδα (kataigída)
sunshine in Greek(η) λιακάδα (liakáda)
hurricane in Greek(ο) τυφώνας (tyfónas)
typhoon in Greek(ο) τυφώνας (tyfónas)
temperature in Greek(η) θερμοκρασία (thermokrasía)
fog in Greek(η) ομίχλη (omíchli)
flood in Greek(η) πλημμύρα (plimmýra)
tornado in Greek(ο) ανεμοστρόβιλος (anemostróvilos)

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Elements in Greek

fire in Greek(η) φωτιά (fotiá)
water in Greek(το) νερό (neró)
soil in Greek(το) χώμα (chóma)
ash in Greek(η) τέφρα (téfra)
sand in Greek(η) άμμος (ámmos)
coal in Greek(το) κάρβουνο (kárvouno)
diamond in Greek(το) διαμάντι (diamánti)
lava in Greek(η) λάβα (láva)
granite in Greek(ο) γρανίτης (granítis)
clay in Greek(ο) πηλός (pilós)
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Plants in Greek

flower in Greek(το) λουλούδι (louloúdi)
grass in Greek(το) γρασίδι (grasídi)
stalk in Greek(το) κοτσάνι (kotsáni)
blossom in Greek(το) άνθος (ánthos)
seed in Greek(ο) σπόρος (spóros)
tree in Greek(το) δέντρο (déntro)
trunk in Greek(ο) κορμός (kormós)
root in Greek(η) ρίζα (ríza)
leaf in Greek(το) φύλλο (fýllo)
branch in Greek(το) κλαδί (kladí)
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Earth in Greek

equator in Greek(ο) ισημερινός (isimerinós)
sea in Greek(η) θάλασσα (thálassa)
island in Greek(το) νησί (nisí)
mountain in Greek(το) βουνό (vounó)
river in Greek(το) ποτάμι (potámi)
forest in Greek(το) δάσος (dásos)
desert in Greek(η) έρημος (érimos)
lake in Greek(η) λίμνη (límni)
volcano in Greek(το) ηφαίστειο (ifaísteio)
cave in Greek(το) σπήλαιο (spílaio)
pole in Greek(ο) πόλος (pólos)
ocean in Greek(ο) ωκεανός (okeanós)

Universe in Greek

planet in Greek(ο) πλανήτης (planítis)
star in Greek(το) αστέρι (astéri)
sun in Greek(ο) ήλιος (ílios)
earth in Greek(η) γη (gi)
moon in Greek(το) φεγγάρι (fengári)
Mercury in Greek(ο) Ερμής (Ermís)
Venus in Greek(η) Αφροδίτη (Afrodíti)
Mars in Greek(ο) Άρης (Áris)
Jupiter in Greek(ο) Δίας (Días)
Saturn in Greek(ο) Κρόνος (Krónos)
Neptune in Greek(ο) Ποσειδώνας (Poseidónas)
Uranus in Greek(ο) Ουρανός (Ouranós)
Pluto in Greek(ο) Πλούτωνας (Ploútonas)
asteroid in Greek(ο) αστεροειδής (asteroeidís)
galaxy in Greek(ο) γαλαξίας (galaxías)

Weather in Greek

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