Top 100 Latvian Words

We believe in learning the most important Latvian vocabularies first to start off your learning journey on the right foot. The Latvian vocabulary list below contains 100 of the most frequently used Latvian words. For more vocabularies like that, check out our yellow Latvian vocabulary book towards the end of this page.

Latvian Vocabulary 1-20

I in Latvianes
you in Latviantu
he in Latvianviņš
she in Latvianviņa
it in Latviantas
we in Latvianmēs
you in Latvianjūs
they in Latvianviņi / viņas
what in Latviankas
who in Latviankas
where in Latviankur
why in Latviankāpēc
how in Latvian
which in Latviankurš
when in Latviankad
then in Latviantad
if in Latvianja
really in Latviantiešām
but in Latvianbet
because in Latvianjo

Latvian Vocabulary 21-60

not in Latvianne
this in Latvianšis
I need this in LatvianMan vajag šo
How much is this? in LatvianCik tas maksā?
that in Latviantas
all in Latvianviss
or in Latvianvai
and in Latvianun
to know in Latvianzināt (3, zinu, zini, zina, zināju)
I know in LatvianEs zinu
I don't know in LatvianEs nezinu
to think in Latviandomāt (2, domāju, domā, domā, domāju)
to come in Latviannākt (1, nāku, nāc, nāk, nācu)
to put in Latvianlikt (1, lieku, liec, liek, liku)
to take in Latvianņemt (1, ņemu, ņem, ņem, ņēmu)
to find in Latvianatrast (1, atrodu, atrodi, atrod, atradu)
to listen in Latvianklausīties (3, klausos, klausies, klausās, klausījos)
to work in Latvianstrādāt (2, strādāju, strādā, strādā, strādāju)
to talk in Latvianrunāt (2, runāju, runā, runā, runāju)
to give in Latviandot (IRR, dodu, dod, dod, devu)
to like in Latvianpatikt (1, patīku, patīc, patīk, patiku)
to help in Latvianpalīdzēt (3, palīdzu, palīdzi, palīdz, palīdzēju)
to love in Latvianmīlēt (3, mīlu, mīli, mīl, mīlēju)
to call in Latvianzvanīt (3, zvanu, zvani, zvana, zvanīju)
to wait in Latviangaidīt (3, gaidu, gaidi, gaida, gaidīju)
I like you in LatvianTu man patīc
I don't like this in LatvianMan tas nepatīk
Do you love me? in LatvianVai tu mani mīli?
I love you in LatvianEs mīlu tevi
0 in Latviannulle
1 in Latvianviens
2 in Latviandivi
3 in Latviantrīs
4 in Latviančetri
5 in Latvianpieci
6 in Latvianseši
7 in Latvianseptiņi
8 in Latvianastoņi
9 in Latviandeviņi
10 in Latviandesmit

Latvian Vocabulary 61-100

11 in Latvianvienpadsmit
12 in Latviandivpadsmit
13 in Latviantrīspadsmit
14 in Latviančetrpadsmit
15 in Latvianpiecpadsmit
16 in Latviansešpadsmit
17 in Latvianseptiņpadsmit
18 in Latvianastoņpadsmit
19 in Latviandeviņpadsmit
20 in Latviandivdesmit
new in Latvianjauns (jaunais, jaunāks, visjaunākais)
old in Latvianvecs (vecais, vecāks, visvecākais)
few in Latvianmaz
many in Latviandaudz
how much? in Latviancik daudz?
how many? in Latviancik daudz?
wrong in Latviannepareizs (nepareizais, nepareizāks, visnepareizākais)
correct in Latvianpareizs (pareizais, pareizāks, vispareizākais)
bad in Latvianslikts (sliktais, sliktāks, vissliktākais)
good in Latvianlabs (labais, labāks, vislabākais)
happy in Latvianlaimīgs (laimīgais, laimīgāks, vislaimīgākais)
short in Latvianīss (īsais, īsāks, visīsākais)
long in Latviangarš (garais, garāks, visgarākais)
small in Latvianmazs (mazais, mazāks, vismazākais)
big in Latvianliels (lielais, lielāks, vislielākais)
there in Latviantur
here in Latvianšeit
right in Latvianlabais
left in Latviankreisais
beautiful in Latvianskaists (skaistais, skaistāks, visskaistākais)
young in Latvianjauns (jaunais, jaunāks, visjaunākais)
old in Latvianvecs (vecais, vecāks, visvecākais)
hello in Latviansveiki
see you later in Latviantiksimies vēlāk
ok in Latvianlabi
take care in Latviansaudzē sevi
don't worry in Latvianneuztraucies
of course in Latvianprotams
good day in Latvianlabdien
hi in Latviančau

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Learn Latvian - Quick / Easy / Efficient

Learn Latvian - Quick / Easy / Efficient

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Latvian Vocabulary Book

Latvian Vocabulary Book

This Latvian vocabulary book contains more than 3000 words and phrases and is organized by topic to make it easier for you to pick what to learn first. It is well suited for learners of all levels who are looking for an extensive resource to improve their vocabulary or are interested in learning vocabularies in one particular area of interest.

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