Family Members in Macedonian

Want to know how to say father, mother, uncle, or aunt in Macedonian? Below we have put together a list of the most important family related words in Macedonian for you. For even more vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Macedonian at the end of the page.

Immediate Family Members in Macedonian

wife in Macedonian(F) сопруга (sopruga / сопруги - soprugi)
husband in Macedonian(M) сопруг (soprug / сопрузи - sopruzi)
mother in Macedonian(F) мајка (maǰka / мајки - maǰki)
father in Macedonian(M) татко (tatko / татковци - tatkovci)
daughter in Macedonian(F) ќерка (ḱerka / ќерки - ḱerki)
son in Macedonian(M) син (sin / синови - sinovi)
grandfather in Macedonian(M) дедо (dedo / дедовци - dedovci)
grandfather in Macedonian(M) дедо (dedo / дедовци - dedovci)
big brother in Macedonian(M) поголем брат (pogolem brat / поголеми браќа - pogolemi braḱa)
little brother in Macedonian(M) помал брат (pomal brat / помали браќа - pomali braḱa)
big sister in Macedonian(F) поголема сестра (pogolema sestra / поголеми сестри - pogolemi sestri)
little sister in Macedonian(F) помала сестра (pomala sestra / помали сестри - pomali sestri)

Extended Family Members in Macedonian

aunt in Macedonian(F) тетка (tetka / тетки - tetki)
uncle in Macedonian(M) вујко (vuǰko / вујковци - vuǰkovci)
cousin in Macedonian(M) братучед (bratučed / братучеди - bratučedi)
cousin in Macedonian(F) братучетка (bratučetka / братучетки - bratučetki)
niece in Macedonian(F) внука (vnuka / внуки - vnuki)
nephew in Macedonian(M) внук (vnuk / внуци - vnuci)
grandson in Macedonian(M) внук (vnuk / внуци - vnuci)
granddaughter in Macedonian(F) внука (vnuka / внуки - vnuki)

Other Family Related Macedonian Vocabularies

daughter-in-law in Macedonian(F) снаа (snaa / снаи - snai)
son-in-law in Macedonian(M) зет (zet / зетови - zetovi)
brother-in-law in Macedonian(M) шура (šura / шури - šuri)
sister-in-law in Macedonian(F) золва (zolva / золви - zolvi)
father-in-law in Macedonian(M) свекор (svekor / свекори - svekori)
mother-in-law in Macedonian(F) свекрва (svekrva / свекрви - svekrvi)
parents in Macedonian(M) родители (roditeli / родители - roditeli)
parents-in-law in Macedonian(M) свекор и свекрва (svekor i svekrva / свекори и свекрви - svekori i svekrvi)
siblings in Macedonian(M) браќа и сестри (braḱa i sestri / браќа и сестри - braḱa i sestri)
stepfather in Macedonian(M) очув (očuv / очуви - očuvi)
stepmother in Macedonian(F) маќеа (maḱea / маќеи - maḱei)
stepdaughter in Macedonian(F) паштерка (pašterka / паштерки - pašterki)
stepson in Macedonian(M) посинок (posinok / посиноци - posinoci)

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