Verbs in Norwegian

Verbs are a key part of any language. The Norwegian verbs list below will help you learn common Norwegian verbs in no time. Together with other basic nouns and adjectives, this will quickly allow you to express basic things in Norwegian. For even more Norwegian verbs, take a look at our learning resources for Norwegian at the end of the page.

Basic Norwegian Verbs

to open in Norwegianå åpne (åpne - åpner - åpnet - åpnet)
to close in Norwegianå lukke (lukke - lukker - lukket - lukket)
to sit in Norwegianå sitte (sitte - sitter - satt - sittet)
to stand in Norwegianå stå (stå - står - stod - stått)
to know in Norwegianå vite (vite - vet - visste - visst)
to think in Norwegianå tenke (tenke - tenker - tenkte - tenkt)
to win in Norwegianå vinne (vinne - vinner - vant - vunnet)
to lose in Norwegianå tape (tape - taper - tapte - tapt)
to ask in Norwegianå spørre (spørre - spør - spurte - spurt)
to answer in Norwegianå svare (svare - svarer - svarte - svart)
to help in Norwegianå hjelpe (hjelpe - hjelper - hjalp - hjulpet)
to like in Norwegianå like (like - liker - likte - likt)
to kiss in Norwegianå kysse (kysse - kysser - kysset - kysset)
to eat in Norwegianå spise (spise - spiser - spiste - spist)
to drink in Norwegianå drikke (drikke - drikker - drakk - drukket)
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Norwegian Action Words

to take in Norwegianå ta (ta - tar - tok - tatt)
to put in Norwegianå legge (legge - legger - la - lagt)
to find in Norwegianå finne (finne - finner - fant - funnet)
to steal in Norwegianå stjele (stjele - stjeler - stjal - stjålet)
to kill in Norwegianå drepe (drepe - dreper - drepte - drept)
to fly in Norwegianå fly (fly - flyr - fløy - flydd)
to attack in Norwegianå angripe (angripe - angriper - angrep - angrepet)
to defend in Norwegianå forsvare (forsvare - forsvarer - forsvarte - forsvart)
to fall in Norwegianå falle (falle - faller - falt - falt)
to choose in Norwegianå velge (velge - velger - valgte - valgt)

Movements in Norwegian

to run in Norwegianå løpe (løpe - løper - løp - løpt)
to swim in Norwegianå svømme (svømme - svømmer - svømte - svømt)
to jump in Norwegianå hoppe (hoppe - hopper - hoppet - hoppet)
to pull in Norwegianå trekke (trekke - trekker - trakk - trukket)
to push in Norwegianå dytte (dytte - dytter - dyttet - dyttet)
to throw in Norwegianå kaste (kaste - kaster - kastet - kastet)
to crawl in Norwegianå krabbe (krabbe - krabber - krabbet - krabbet)
to fight in Norwegianå slåss (slåss - slåss - sloss - slåss)
to catch in Norwegianå fange (fange - fanger - fanget - fanget)
to roll in Norwegianå rulle (rulle - ruller - rullet - rullet)

Norwegian Business Verbs

to buy in Norwegianå kjøpe (kjøpe - kjøper - kjøpte - kjøpt)
to pay in Norwegianå betale (betale - betaler - betalte - betalt)
to sell in Norwegianå selge (selge - selger - solgte - solgt)
to study in Norwegianå studere (studere - studerer - studerte - studert)
to call in Norwegianå ringe (ringe - ringer - ringte - ringt)
to read in Norwegianå lese (lese - leser - leste - lest)
to write in Norwegianå skrive (skrive - skriver - skrev - skrevet)
to calculate in Norwegianå beregne (beregne - beregner - beregnet - beregnet)
to measure in Norwegianå måle (måle - måler - målte - målt)
to earn in Norwegianå tjene (tjene - tjener - tjente - tjent)
to count in Norwegianå telle (telle - teller - telte - tellet)
to scan in Norwegianå skanne (skanne - skanner - skannet - skannet)
to print in Norwegianå printe (printe - printer - printet - printet)

Verbs in Norwegian

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Learn Norwegian - Quick / Easy / Efficient

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Norwegian Vocabulary Book

Norwegian Vocabulary Book

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