Adjectives in French

Adjectives are a key part of any language. The French adjectives listed below will help you learn common French adjectives in no time. Together with other basic nouns and verbs, this will quickly allow you to express basic things in French. For even more French adjectives, take a look at our learning resources for French at the end of the page.

Basic Adjectives in French

heavy in Frenchlourd (lourde, lourds, lourdes)
light in Frenchléger (légère, légers, légères)
correct in Frenchcorrect (correcte, corrects, correctes)
wrong in Frenchfaux (fausse, faux, fausses)
difficult in Frenchdifficile (difficile, difficiles, difficiles)
easy in Frenchfacile (facile, faciles, faciles)
few in Frenchpeu
many in Frenchbeaucoup
new in Frenchnouveau (nouvelle, nouveaux, nouvelles)
old in Frenchvieux (vieille, vieux, vieilles)
slow in Frenchlent (lente, lents, lentes)
quick in Frenchrapide (rapide, rapides, rapides)
poor in Frenchpauvre (pauvre, pauvres, pauvres)
rich in Frenchriche (riche, riches, riches)
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Colours in French

white in Frenchblanc (blanche, blancs, blanches)
black in Frenchnoir (noire, noirs, noires)
grey in Frenchgris (grise, gris, grises)
green in Frenchvert (verte, verts, vertes)
blue in Frenchbleu (bleue, bleus, bleues)
red in Frenchrouge (rouge, rouges, rouges)
pink in Frenchrose (rose, roses, roses)
orange in Frenchorange (orange)
purple in Frenchpourpre (pourpre, pourpres, pourpres)
yellow in Frenchjaune (jaune, jaunes, jaunes)
brown in Frenchbrun (brune, bruns, brunes)

Feelings in French

good in Frenchbon (bonne, bons, bonnes)
bad in Frenchmauvais (mauvaise, mauvais, mauvaises)
weak in Frenchfaible (faible, faibles, faibles)
strong in Frenchfort (forte, forts, fortes)
happy in Frenchheureux (heureuse, heureux, heureuses)
sad in Frenchtriste (triste, tristes, tristes)
healthy in Frenchsain (saine, sains, saines)
sick in Frenchmalade (malade, malades, malades)
hungry in Frenchaffamé (affamée, affamés, affamées)
thirsty in Frenchassoiffé (assoiffée, assoiffés, assoiffées)
lonely in Frenchsolitaire (solitaire, solitaires, solitaires)
tired in Frenchfatigué (fatiguée, fatigués, fatiguées)

Space in French

short in Frenchcourt (courte, courts, courtes)
long in Frenchlong (longue, longs, longues)
small in Frenchpetit (petite, petits, petites)
big in Frenchgrand (grande, grands, grandes)
high in Frenchhaut (haute, hauts, hautes)
low in Frenchbas (basse, bas, basses)
steep in Frenchraide (raide, raides, raides)
flat in Frenchplat (plate, plats, plates)
shallow in Frenchpeu profond (peu profonde, peu profonds, peu profondes)
deep in Frenchprofond (profonde, profonds, profondes)
narrow in Frenchétroit (étroite, étroits, étroites)
broad in Frenchlarge (large, larges, larges)

Other Important Adjectives in French

cheap in Frenchpas cher (chère, chers, chères)
expensive in Frenchcher (chère, chers, chères)
soft in Frenchdoux (douce, doux, douces)
hard in Frenchdur (dure, durs, dures)
empty in Frenchvide (vide, vides, vides)
full in Frenchplein (pleine, pleins, pleines)
dirty in Frenchsale (sale, sales, sales)
clean in Frenchpropre (propre, propres, propres)
sweet in Frenchsucré (sucrée, sucrés, sucrées)
sour in Frenchaigre (aigre, aigres, aigres)
young in Frenchjeune (jeune, jeunes, jeunes)
old in Frenchvieux (vieille, vieux, vieilles)
cold in Frenchfroid (froide, froids, froides)
warm in Frenchchaud (chaude, chauds, chaudes)

Colours in French

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French Vocabulary Book

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