Hebrew Phrases You Can Use Immediately

Once you start learning a new language, you want to use it immediately. The Hebrew phrases listed below allow you to do exactly that. For even more phrases, take a look at our learning resources for Hebrew at the end of the page.

20 Easy Hebrew Phrases

please in Hebrewבבקשה (bbqshh)
thank you in Hebrewתודה (tvdh)
sorry in Hebrewמצטער (mtst'er)
I want this in Hebrewאני רוצה את זה (any rvtsh at zh)
I want more in Hebrewאני רוצה יותר (any rvtsh yvtr)
I know in Hebrewאני יודע (any yvd'e)
I don't know in Hebrewאיני יודע (ayny yvd'e)
Can you help me? in Hebrewאתה יכול לעזור לי (ath ykvl l'ezvr ly)
I don't like this in Hebrewאני לא אוהב את זה (any la avhb at zh)
I like you in Hebrewאני מחבב אותך (any mhbb avtk)
I love you in Hebrewאני אוהב אותך (any avhb avtk)
I miss you in Hebrewאני מתגעגע אליך (any mtg'eg'e alyk)
see you later in Hebrewנתראה אחר כך (ntrah ahr kk)
Come with me in Hebrewבוא איתי (bva ayty)
turn right in Hebrewפנה ימינה (pnh ymynh)
turn left in Hebrewפנה שמאלה (pnh shmalh)
go straight in Hebrewלך ישר (lk yshr)
What's your name? in Hebrewאיך קוראים לך (ayk qvraym lk)
My name is David in Hebrewקוראים לי דוד (qvraym ly dvd)
I'm 22 years old in Hebrewאני בן 22 (any bn 22)
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Other Useful Phrases in Hebrew

hi in Hebrewהיי (hyy)
hello in Hebrewשלום (shlvm)
bye bye in Hebrewביי (byy)
ok in Hebrewבסדר (bsdr)
cheers in Hebrewלחיים (lhyym)
welcome in Hebrewברוך הבא (brvk hba)
I agree in Hebrewאני מסכים (any mskym)
Where is the toilet? in Hebrewאיפה השירותים (ayph hshyrvtym)
How are you? in Hebrewמה שלומך (mh shlvmk)
I have a dog in Hebrewיש לי כלב (ysh ly klb)
I want to go to the cinema in Hebrewאני רוצה ללכת לקולנוע (any rvtsh llkt lqvlnv'e)
You definitely have to come in Hebrewאתה חייב לבוא (ath hyyb lbva)
This is quite expensive in Hebrewזה די יקר (zh dy yqr)
This is my girlfriend Anna in Hebrewזאת החברה שלי אנה (zat hhbrh shly anh)
Let's go home in Hebrewבוא נלך הביתה (bva nlk hbyth)
Silver is cheaper than gold in Hebrewכסף זול יותר מזהב (ksp zvl yvtr mzhb)
Gold is more expensive than silver in Hebrewזהב יקר יותר מכסף (zhb yqr yvtr mksp)

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Hebrew Vocabulary Books

Learn Hebrew - Quick / Easy / Efficient

Learn Hebrew - Quick / Easy / Efficient

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Hebrew Vocabulary Book

Hebrew Vocabulary Book

This Hebrew vocabulary book contains more than 3000 words and phrases and is organized by topic to make it easier for you to pick what to learn first. It is well suited for learners of all levels who are looking for an extensive resource to improve their vocabulary or are interested in learning vocabularies in one particular area of interest.

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