Top 100 Hebrew Words

We believe in learning the most important Hebrew vocabularies first to start off your learning journey on the right foot. The Hebrew vocabulary list below contains 100 of the most frequently used Hebrew words. For more vocabularies like that, check out our yellow Hebrew vocabulary book towards the end of this page.

Hebrew Vocabulary 1-20

I in Hebrewאני (any)
you in Hebrewאתה (ath)
he in Hebrewהוא (hva)
she in Hebrewהיא (hya)
it in Hebrewזה (zh)
we in Hebrewאנו (anv)
you in Hebrewאתם (atm)
they in Hebrewהם (hm)
what in Hebrewמה (mh)
who in Hebrewמי (my)
where in Hebrewאיפה (ayph)
why in Hebrewלמה (lmh)
how in Hebrewאיך (ayk)
which in Hebrewאיזה (ayzh)
when in Hebrewמתי (mty)
then in Hebrewאז (az)
if in Hebrewאם (am)
really in Hebrewבאמת (bamt)
but in Hebrewאבל (abl)
because in Hebrewכי (ky)
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Hebrew Vocabulary 21-60

not in Hebrewלא (la)
this in Hebrewזה (zh)
I need this in Hebrewאני צריך את זה (any tsryk at zh)
How much is this? in Hebrewכמה זה עולה (kmh zh 'evlh)
that in Hebrewש- (sh-)
all in Hebrewכל (kl)
or in Hebrewאו (av)
and in Hebrewו- (v-)
to know in Hebrewלדעת (ld'et / פעל - ידע ~ p'el - yd'e)
I know in Hebrewאני יודע (any yvd'e)
I don't know in Hebrewאיני יודע (ayny yvd'e)
to think in Hebrewלחשוב (lhshvb / פעל - חשב ~ p'el - hshb)
to come in Hebrewלבוא (lbva / פעל - בא ~ p'el - ba)
to put in Hebrewלשים (lshym / פעל - שם ~ p'el - shm)
to take in Hebrewלקחת (lqht / פעל - לקח ~ p'el - lqh)
to find in Hebrewלמצוא (lmtsva / פעל - מצא ~ p'el - mtsa)
to listen in Hebrewלהקשיב (lhqshyb / הפעיל - הקשיב ~ hp'eyl - hqshyb)
to work in Hebrewלעבוד (l'ebvd / פעל - עבד ~ p'el - 'ebd)
to talk in Hebrewלדבר (ldbr / פיעל - דיבר ~ py'el - dybr)
to give in Hebrewלתת (ltt / פעל - נתן ~ p'el - ntn)
to like in Hebrewלחבב (lhbb / פיעל - חיבב ~ py'el - hybb)
to help in Hebrewלעזור (l'ezvr / פעל - עזר ~ p'el - 'ezr)
to love in Hebrewלאהוב (lahvb / פעל - אהב ~ p'el - ahb)
to call in Hebrewלהתקשר (lhtqshr / התפעל - התקשר ~ htp'el - htqshr)
to wait in Hebrewלחכות (lhkvt / פיעל - חיכה ~ py'el - hykh)
I like you in Hebrewאני מחבב אותך (any mhbb avtk)
I don't like this in Hebrewאני לא אוהב את זה (any la avhb at zh)
Do you love me? in Hebrewאת אוהבת אותי (at avhbt avty)
I love you in Hebrewאני אוהב אותך (any avhb avtk)
0 in Hebrewאפס (aps)
1 in Hebrewאחת (aht)
2 in Hebrewשתיים (shtyym)
3 in Hebrewשלוש (shlvsh)
4 in Hebrewארבע (arb'e)
5 in Hebrewחמש (hmsh)
6 in Hebrewשש (shsh)
7 in Hebrewשבע (shb'e)
8 in Hebrewשמונה (shmvnh)
9 in Hebrewתשע (tsh'e)
10 in Hebrewעשר ('eshr)

Hebrew Vocabulary 61-100

11 in Hebrewאחת עשרה (aht 'eshrh)
12 in Hebrewשתים עשרה (shtym 'eshrh)
13 in Hebrewשלוש עשרה (shlvsh 'eshrh)
14 in Hebrewארבע עשרה (arb'e 'eshrh)
15 in Hebrewחמש עשרה (hmsh 'eshrh)
16 in Hebrewשש עשרה (shsh 'eshrh)
17 in Hebrewשבע עשרה (shb'e 'eshrh)
18 in Hebrewשמונה עשרה (shmvnh 'eshrh)
19 in Hebrewתשע עשרה (tsh'e 'eshrh)
20 in Hebrewעשרים ('eshrym)
new in Hebrewחדש (hdsh / חדשה - חדשים - חדשות ~ hdshh - hdshym - hdshvt)
old in Hebrewישן (yshn / ישנה - ישנים - ישנות ~ yshnh - yshnym - yshnvt)
few in Hebrewמעט (m'et)
many in Hebrewהרבה (hrbh)
how much? in Hebrewכמה (kmh)
how many? in Hebrewכמה (kmh)
wrong in Hebrewשגוי (shgvy / שגויה - שגויים - שגויות ~ shgvyh - shgvyym - shgvyvt)
correct in Hebrewנכון (nkvn / נכונה - נכונים - נכונות ~ nkvnh - nkvnym - nkvnvt)
bad in Hebrewרע (r'e / רעה - רעים - רעות ~ r'eh - r'eym - r'evt)
good in Hebrewטוב (tvb / טובה - טובים - טובות ~ tvbh - tvbym - tvbvt)
happy in Hebrewשמח (shmh / שמחה - שמחים - שמחות ~ shmhh - shmhym - shmhvt)
short in Hebrewקצר (qtsr / קצרה - קצרים - קצרות ~ qtsrh - qtsrym - qtsrvt)
long in Hebrewארוך (arvk / ארוכה - ארוכים - ארוכות ~ arvkh - arvkym - arvkvt)
small in Hebrewקטן (qtn / קטנה - קטנים - קטנות ~ qtnh - qtnym - qtnvt)
big in Hebrewגדול (gdvl / גדולה - גדולים - גדולות ~ gdvlh - gdvlym - gdvlvt)
there in Hebrewשם (shm)
here in Hebrewכאן (kan)
right in Hebrewימין (ymyn)
left in Hebrewשמאל (shmal)
beautiful in Hebrewיפה (yph / יפה - יפים - יפות ~ yph - ypym - ypvt)
young in Hebrewצעיר (ts'eyr / צעירה - צעירים - צעירות ~ ts'eyrh - ts'eyrym - ts'eyrvt)
old in Hebrewזקן (zqn / זקנה - זקנים - זקנות ~ zqnh - zqnym - zqnvt)
hello in Hebrewשלום (shlvm)
see you later in Hebrewנתראה אחר כך (ntrah ahr kk)
ok in Hebrewבסדר (bsdr)
take care in Hebrewשמור על עצמך (shmvr 'el 'etsmk)
don't worry in Hebrewאל תדאג (al tdag)
of course in Hebrewכמובן (kmvbn)
good day in Hebrewיום טוב (yvm tvb)
hi in Hebrewהיי (hyy)

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Hebrew Vocabulary Book

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