Adjectives in Serbian

Adjectives are a key part of any language. The Serbian adjectives listed below will help you learn common Serbian adjectives in no time. Together with other basic nouns and verbs, this will quickly allow you to express basic things in Serbian. For even more Serbian adjectives, take a look at our learning resources for Serbian at the end of the page.
Basic Adjectives in Serbian
Colours in Serbian
Feelings in Serbian
Space in Serbian
Other Important Adjectives in Serbian

Basic Adjectives in Serbian

heavyteško (тешко)
lightlako (лако)
correctispravno (исправно)
wrongpogrešno (погрешно)
difficulttežak (тежак)
easylako (лако)
fewmalo (мало)
manymnogo (много)
newnovo (ново)
oldstaro (старо)
slowsporo (споро)
quickbrzo (брзо)
poorsiromašan (сиромашан)
richbogat (богат)

Colours in Serbian

whitebela (бела)
blackcrna (црна)
greysiva (сива)
greenzelena (зелена)
blueplava (плава)
redcrvena (црвена)
pinkroze (розе)
orangenarandžasta (наранџаста)
purpleljubičasta (љубичаста)
yellowžuta (жута)
brownbraon (браон)

Feelings in Serbian

gooddobar (добар)
badloš (лош)
weakslab (слаб)
strongjak (јак)
happysrećan (срећан)
sadtužan (тужан)
healthyzdrav (здрав)
sickbolestan (болестан)
hungrygladan (гладан)
thirstyžedan (жедан)
lonelyusamljen (усамљен)
tiredumoran (уморан)

Space in Serbian

shortkratak (кратак)
longdugačak (дугачак)
smallmali (мали)
bigveliki (велики)
highvisok (висок)
lownizak (низак)
steepstrm (стрм)
flatravan (раван)
shallowplitak (плитак)
deepdubok (дубок)
narrowuzak (узак)
broadširok (широк)

Other Important Adjectives in Serbian

cheapjeftin (јефтин)
expensiveskup (скуп)
softmek (мек)
hardtvrd (тврд)
emptyprazan (празан)
fullpun (пун)
dirtyprljav (прљав)
cleančist (чист)
sweetsladak (сладак)
sourkiseo (кисео)
youngmlad (млад)
oldstar (стар)
coldhladno (хладно)
warmtoplo (топло)

Colours in Serbian

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Serbian Vocabulary Book

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