Business in Arabic

Doing business in Arabic is not easy. The below list with Arabic business terms can help you to get started. For even more Arabic vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Arabic at the end of the page.
Company Terms in Arabic
Office Words in Arabic
Devices in Arabic
Legal Terms in Arabic
Banking in Arabic

Company Terms in Arabic

company in Arabic(F) شركة (sharika)
job in Arabic(F) وظيفة (wazifa)
bank in Arabic(M) بنك (bank)
office in Arabic(M) مكتب (maktab)
meeting room in Arabic(F) قاعة اجتماعات (qaeat aijtimaeat)
employee in Arabic(M) موظف (muazaf)
employer in Arabic(M) صاحب العمل (sahib aleamal)
staff in Arabic(M) موظفين (muazafin)
salary in Arabic(M) راتب (ratib)
insurance in Arabic(M) تأمين (tamin)
marketing in Arabic(M) تسويق (taswiq)
accounting in Arabic(F) محاسبة (muhasaba)
tax in Arabic(F) ضريبة (dariba)

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Office Words in Arabic

letter in Arabic(F) رسالة (risala)
envelope in Arabic(M) ظرف (zarf)
address in Arabic(M) عنوان (eunwan)
zip code in Arabic(M) رمز بريدي (ramz bridiun)
parcel in Arabic(M) طرد (tard)
fax in Arabic(M) فاكس (fakis)
text message in Arabic(F) رسالة نصية (risalat nasia)
projector in Arabic(M) جهاز عرض (jihaz earad)
folder in Arabic(M) مجلد (mujalad)
presentation in Arabic(M) عرض (eard)
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Devices in Arabic

laptop in Arabic(M) كمبيوتر محمول (kamibyutir mahmul)
screen in Arabic(F) شاشة (shasha)
printer in Arabic(F) طابعة (tabiea)
scanner in Arabic(M) ماسح ضوئي (masih dawyiyun)
telephone in Arabic(M) هاتف (hatif)
USB stick in Arabic(M) فلاش يو اس بي (falash yu 'iis bi)
hard drive in Arabic(M) قرص صلب (qurs sulb)
keyboard in Arabic(F) لوحة المفاتيح (lawhat almafatih)
mouse in Arabic(F) فأره (fa'arah)
server in Arabic(M) خادم (khadim)
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Legal Terms in Arabic

law in Arabic(M) قانون (qanun)
fine in Arabic(F) غرامة (gharama)
prison in Arabic(M) سجن (sijn)
court in Arabic(F) محكمة (mahkama)
jury in Arabic(F) هيئة المحلفين (hayyat almuhalafin)
witness in Arabic(M) شاهد (shahid)
defendant in Arabic(M) مدعى عليه (madeaa ealayh)
evidence in Arabic(M) دليل (dalil)
fingerprint in Arabic(F) بصمة (basima)
paragraph in Arabic(F) فقرة (faqira)

Banking in Arabic

money in Arabic(M) مال (mal)
coin in Arabic(F) عملة (eamila)
note in Arabic(F) ورقة نقدية (waraqat naqdia)
credit card in Arabic(F) بطاقة ائتمان (bitaqat aitiman)
cash machine in Arabic(M) الصراف الآلي (alsiraf alalia)
signature in Arabic(M) توقيع (tawqie)
dollar in Arabic(M) دولار (dular)
euro in Arabic(M) يورو (ywrw)
pound in Arabic(M) جنيه (junayh)
bank account in Arabic(M) حساب مصرفي (hisab masrifiun)
cheque in Arabic(M) شيك (shyk)
stock exchange in Arabic(F) بورصة (bursa)

Business in Arabic

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