Top 100 Arabic Words

We believe in learning the most important Arabic vocabularies first to start off your learning journey on the right foot. The Arabic vocabulary list below contains 100 of the most frequently used Arabic words. For more vocabularies like that, check out our yellow Arabic vocabulary book towards the end of this page.

Arabic Vocabulary 1-20

Iأنا ('ana)
youأنت ('ant)
heهو (hu)
sheهي (hi)
itهو / هي (hu / hi)
weنحن (nahn)
youأنتم ('antum)
theyهم (hum)
whatماذا (madha)
whoمن (min)
whereأين ('ayn)
whyلماذا (limadha)
howكيف (kayf)
whichأي ('aya)
whenمتى (mataa)
thenثم (thuma)
ifإذا ('iidha)
reallyحقا (haqana)
butلكن (lkn)
becauseلأن (li'ana)

Arabic Vocabulary 21-60

notليس (lays)
thisهذا (hadha)
I need thisانا بحاجة لهذا ('iinaa bihajat lhdha)
How much is this?كم ثمن هذا؟ (kam thaman hadha?)
thatأن ('ana)
allجميع (jmye)
orأو ('aw)
andو (w)
to knowيعرف (yerf)
I knowأنا أعرف ('ana 'aerif)
I don't knowأنا لا أعرف ('ana la 'aerif)
to thinkيفكر (yufakir)
to comeيأتي (yati)
to putيضع (yadae)
to takeيأخذ (yakhudh)
to findيجد (yajid)
to listenيستمع (yastamie)
to workيعمل (yaemal)
to talkيتحدث (yatahadath)
to giveيعطي (yueti)
to likeيعجب (yuejib)
to helpيساعد (yusaeid)
to loveيحب (yuhibu)
to callيجري مكالمة هاتفية (yajri mukalamatan hatifia)
to waitينتظر (yantazir)
I like youأنا معجب بك ('ana maejib bik)
I don't like thisأنا لا أحب هذا ('ana la 'uhibu hdha)
Do you love me?هل تحبني؟ (hal tahbani?)
I love youأحبك ('ahbak)
0صفر (sifr)
1واحد (wahid)
2اثنان (athnan)
3ثلاثة (thlath)
4أربعة (arbe)
5خمسة (khms)
6ستة (st)
7سبعة (sbe)
8ثمانية (thmany)
9تسعة (tse)
10عشرة (eshr)
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Arabic Vocabulary 61-100

11أحد عشر (ahd eshr)
12اثنا عشر (athna eashar)
13ثلاثة عشر (thlatht eshr)
14أربعة عشر (arbet eshr)
15خمسة عشر (khmst eshr)
16ستة عشر (stt eshr)
17سبعة عشر (sbet eshr)
18ثمانية عشر (thmanyt eshr)
19تسعة عشر (tiseat eashar)
20عشرون (eshrwn)
newجديد (jadid)
oldقديم (qadim)
fewقليل (qalil)
manyكثير (kthyr)
how much?كم؟ (kam?)
how many?كم عدد؟ (kam eadad?)
wrongخاطئ (khati)
correctصحيح (sahih)
badسيئ (syy)
goodجيد (jayid)
happyسعيد (saeid)
shortقصير (qasir)
longطويل (tawil)
smallصغير (saghir)
bigكبير (kabir)
thereهناك (hnak)
hereهنا (huna)
rightيمين (yamin)
leftيسار (yasar)
beautifulجميل (jamil)
youngشاب (shab)
oldعجوز (eajuz)
helloمرحبا (marhabaan)
see you laterأراك لاحقا ('arak lahiqaan)
okحسنا (hasananaan)
take careاعتن بنفسك (aetin binafsik)
don't worryلا تقلق (la tuqaliq)
of courseبالطبع (bialtabe)
good dayيوم جيد (yawm jayid)
hiمرحبا (marhabaan)

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Arabic Vocabulary Books

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Learn Arabic - Quick / Easy / Efficient

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Arabic Vocabulary Book

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