Arabic Phrases You Can Use Immediately

Once you start learning a new language, you want to use it immediately. The Arabic phrases listed below allow you to do exactly that. For even more phrases, take a look at our learning resources for Arabic at the end of the page.
20 Easy Arabic Phrases
Other Useful Phrases in Arabic

20 Easy Arabic Phrases

please in Arabicمن فضلك (min fadlik)
thank you in Arabicشكرا (shukraan)
sorry in Arabicآسف (asif)
I want this in Arabicأريد هذا ('urid hdha)
I want more in Arabicأريد المزيد ('urid almazid)
I know in Arabicأنا أعرف ('ana 'aerif)
I don't know in Arabicأنا لا أعرف ('ana la 'aerif)
Can you help me? in Arabicهل يمكنك مساعدتي؟ (hal yumkinuk musaeadatay?)
I don't like this in Arabicأنا لا أحب هذا ('ana la 'uhibu hdha)
I like you in Arabicأنا معجب بك ('ana maejib bik)
I love you in Arabicأحبك ('ahbak)
I miss you in Arabicأفتقدك ('aftaqiduk)
see you later in Arabicأراك لاحقا ('arak lahiqaan)
Come with me in Arabicتعال معي (tueal maei)
turn right in Arabicانعطف يمينا (aneataf yamina)
turn left in Arabicانعطف يسارا (aneataf yusarana)
go straight in Arabicانطلق للأمام (aintalaq lil'amam)
What's your name? in Arabicما اسمك؟ (ma asmak?)
My name is David in Arabicاسمي ديفيد (aismi difid)
I'm 22 years old in Arabicعمري 22 عاما (eumri 22 eamaan)

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Other Useful Phrases in Arabic

hi in Arabicمرحبا (marhabaan)
hello in Arabicمرحبا (marhabaan)
bye bye in Arabicوداعا (wadaeaan)
ok in Arabicحسنا (hasananaan)
cheers in Arabicفي صحتك (fi sihtik)
welcome in Arabicمرحبا (marhabaan)
I agree in Arabicأنا موافق ('ana muafiq)
Where is the toilet? in Arabicأين المرحاض؟ ('ayn almarhad?)
How are you? in Arabicكيف حالك؟ (kayf halk?)
I have a dog in Arabicعندي كلب (eindi kalib)
I want to go to the cinema in Arabicأريد الذهاب إلى السينما ('urid aldhahab 'iilaa alsiynama)
You definitely have to come in Arabicيجب عليك الحضور بالتأكيد (yjb ealayk alhudur bialtaakid)
This is quite expensive in Arabicهذا أمر مكلف جدا (hadha 'amr mukalaf jiddaan)
This is my girlfriend Anna in Arabicهذه صديقتي آنا (hadhih sadiqati ana)
Let's go home in Arabicدعونا نذهب إلى البيت (daeuna nadhhab 'iilaa albayt)
Silver is cheaper than gold in Arabicالفضة أرخص من الذهب (alfidat arkhs min aldhahab)
Gold is more expensive than silver in Arabicالذهب أغلى من الفضة (aldhahab 'aghlaa min alfida)

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