Top 100 Hindi Words

We believe in learning the most important Hindi vocabularies first to start off your learning journey on the right foot. The Hindi vocabulary list below contains 100 of the most frequently used Hindi words. For more vocabularies like that, check out our yellow Hindi vocabulary book towards the end of this page.

Hindi Vocabulary 1-20

I in Hindiमैं (maian)
you in Hindiआप (āpa)
he in Hindiवह (vaha)
she in Hindiवह (vaha)
it in Hindiयह (yaha)
we in Hindiहम (hama)
you in Hindiआप (āpa)
they in Hindiवे (ve)
what in Hindiक्या (kyā)
who in Hindiकौन (kauna)
where in Hindiकहाँ (kahā)
why in Hindiक्यों (kyoan)
how in Hindiकैसे (kaise)
which in Hindiकौन सा (kaun sā)
when in Hindiकब (kaba)
then in Hindiतब (taba)
if in Hindiअगर (agara)
really in Hindiवास्तव में (vāstav mean)
but in Hindiलेकिन (lekina)
because in Hindiक्योंकि (kyoanki)
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Hindi Vocabulary 21-60

not in Hindiनहीं (nahīan)
this in Hindiयह (yaha)
I need this in Hindiमुझे इसकी जरूरत है (muze isakī jarūrat hai)
How much is this? in Hindiयह कितने का है? (yah kitane kā hai?)
that in Hindiउस (usa)
all in Hindiसब (saba)
or in Hindiया (yā)
and in Hindiऔर (aura)
to know in Hindiजानना (jānanā)
I know in Hindiमुझे पता है (muze patā hai)
I don't know in Hindiमुझे नहीं पता (muze nahīan patā)
to think in Hindiसोचना (sochanā)
to come in Hindiआना (ānā)
to put in Hindiरखना (rakhanā)
to take in Hindiलेना (lenā)
to find in Hindiढूँढ़ना (ḍhūḍhanā)
to listen in Hindiसुनना (sunanā)
to work in Hindiकाम करना (kām karanā)
to talk in Hindiबात करना (bāt karanā)
to give in Hindiदेना (denā)
to like in Hindiपसंद करना (pasanda karanā)
to help in Hindiमदद करना (madad karanā)
to love in Hindiप्यार करना (pyār karanā)
to call in Hindiकॉल करना (kol karanā)
to wait in Hindiप्रतीक्षा करना (pratīkṣhā karanā)
I like you in Hindiमुझे आप पसन्द हैं (muze āp pasanda haian)
I don't like this in Hindiमुझे यह पसंद नहीं है (muze yah pasanda nahīan hai)
Do you love me? in Hindiक्या आप मुझसे प्रेम करते हैं? (kyā āp muzase prem karate haian?)
I love you in Hindiमुझे आपसे प्रेम है (muze āpase prem hai)
0 in Hindiशून्य (shūnya)
1 in Hindiएक (eka)
2 in Hindiदो (do)
3 in Hindiतीन (tīna)
4 in Hindiचार (chāra)
5 in Hindiपांच (pāancha)
6 in Hindiछह (chhaha)
7 in Hindiसात (sāta)
8 in Hindiआठ (āṭha)
9 in Hindiनौ (nau)
10 in Hindiदस (dasa)

Hindi Vocabulary 61-100

11 in Hindiग्यारह (gyāraha)
12 in Hindiबारह (bāraha)
13 in Hindiतेरह (teraha)
14 in Hindiचौदह (chaudaha)
15 in Hindiपंद्रह (pandraha)
16 in Hindiसोलह (solaha)
17 in Hindiसत्रह (satraha)
18 in Hindiअठारह (aṭhāraha)
19 in Hindiउन्नीस (unnīsa)
20 in Hindiबीस (bīsa)
new in Hindiनया (nayā)
old in Hindiपुराना (purānā)
few in Hindiकुछ (kuchha)
many in Hindiअनेक (aneka)
how much? in Hindiकितना? (kitanā?)
how many? in Hindiकितने? (kitane?)
wrong in Hindiगलत (galata)
correct in Hindiसही (sahī)
bad in Hindiबुरा (burā)
good in Hindiअच्छा (achchhā)
happy in Hindiखुश (khusha)
short in Hindiछोटा (chhoṭā)
long in Hindiलंबा (lanbā)
small in Hindiछोटा (chhoṭā)
big in Hindiबड़ा (baḍaā)
there in Hindiवहाँ (vahā)
here in Hindiयहाँ (yahā)
right in Hindiदाएं (dāean)
left in Hindiबाएं (bāean)
beautiful in Hindiसुंदर (suandara)
young in Hindiयुवा (yuvā)
old in Hindiबूढ़ा (būḍhā)
hello in Hindiनमस्ते (namaste)
see you later in Hindiबाद में मिलते हैं (bād mean milate haian)
ok in Hindiठीक है (ṭhīk hai)
take care in Hindiअपना ध्यान रखें (apanā dhyān rakhean)
don't worry in Hindiचिंता मत करो (chiantā mat karo)
of course in Hindiबेशक (beshaka)
good day in Hindiआपका दिन अच्छा हो (āpakā din achchhā ho)
hi in Hindiनमस्ते (namaste)

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Hindi Vocabulary Book

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