Business in Hindi

Doing business in Hindi is not easy. The below list with Hindi business terms can help you to get started. For even more Hindi vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Hindi at the end of the page.

Company Terms in Hindi

company in Hindi(F) कंपनी (kanpanī)
job in Hindi(F) नौकरी (naukarī)
bank in Hindi(M) बैंक (baianka)
office in Hindi(M) कार्यालय (kāryālaya)
meeting room in Hindi(M) सभा कक्ष (sabhā kakṣha)
employee in Hindi(M) कर्मचारी (karmachārī)
employer in Hindi(M) नियोक्ता (niyoktā)
staff in Hindi(M) कर्मचारी (karmachārī)
salary in Hindi(M) वेतन (vetana)
insurance in Hindi(M) बीमा (bīmā)
marketing in Hindi(M) विपणन (vipaṇana)
accounting in Hindi(M) लेखांकन (lekhāankana)
tax in Hindi(M) कर (kara)
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Office Words in Hindi

letter in Hindi(M) पत्र (patra)
envelope in Hindi(M) लिफाफा (lifāfā)
address in Hindi(M) पता (patā)
zip code in Hindi(M) पिन कोड (pin koḍa)
parcel in Hindi(M) पार्सल (pārsala)
fax in Hindi(M) फैक्स (faiksa)
text message in Hindi(M) टेक्स्ट मैसेज (ṭeksṭa maiseja)
projector in Hindi(M) प्रोजेक्टर (projekṭara)
folder in Hindi(M) फ़ोल्डर (faolḍara)
presentation in Hindi(F) प्रस्तुति (prastuti)

Devices in Hindi

laptop in Hindi(M) लैपटॉप (laipaṭopa)
screen in Hindi(F) स्क्रीन (skrīna)
printer in Hindi(M) मुद्रक (mudraka)
scanner in Hindi(M) स्कैनर (skainara)
telephone in Hindi(M) टेलीफोन (ṭelīfona)
USB stick in Hindi(M) यूएसबी स्टिक (yūesabī sṭika)
hard drive in Hindi(F) हार्ड ड्राइव (hārḍa ḍrāiva)
keyboard in Hindi(M) कीबोर्ड (kīborḍa)
mouse in Hindi(M) माउस (māusa)
server in Hindi(M) सर्वर (sarvara)

Legal Terms in Hindi

law in Hindi(M) कानून (kānūna)
fine in Hindi(M) जुर्माना (jurmānā)
prison in Hindi(M) कारागार (kārāgāra)
court in Hindi(M) कोर्ट (korṭa)
jury in Hindi(M) निर्णायक मंडल (nirṇāyak manḍala)
witness in Hindi(M) गवाह (gavāha)
defendant in Hindi(M) प्रतिवादी (prativādī)
evidence in Hindi(M) सबूत (sabūta)
fingerprint in Hindi(F) अंगुली की छाप (aangulī kī chhāpa)
paragraph in Hindi(M) अनुच्छेद (anuchchheda)

Banking in Hindi

money in Hindi(M) पैसे (paise)
coin in Hindi(M) सिक्का (sikkā)
note in Hindi(M) नोट (noṭa)
credit card in Hindi(M) क्रेडिट कार्ड (kreḍiṭ kārḍa)
cash machine in Hindi(F) नकदी मशीन (nakadī mashīna)
signature in Hindi(M) हस्ताक्षर (hastākṣhara)
dollar in Hindi(M) डॉलर (ḍolara)
euro in Hindi(M) यूरो (yūro)
pound in Hindi(M) पाउण्ड (pāuṇḍa)
bank account in Hindi(M) बैंक खाता (baianka khātā)
cheque in Hindi(M) चेक (cheka)
stock exchange in Hindi(M) शेयर बाजार (sheyar bājāra)

Business in Hindi

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