Nature & Weather in Hindi

Many activities rely on the weather. To understand the local Hindi weather report, we have put together a list of Hindi weather and nature vocabularies for you. For even more Hindi vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Hindi at the end of the page.

Weather in Hindi

rain in Hindi(F) बारिश (bārisha)
snow in Hindi(M) हिमपात (himapāta)
ice in Hindi(F) बर्फ (barfa)
wind in Hindi(F) हवा (havā)
storm in Hindi(F) आंधी (āandhī)
cloud in Hindi(M) बादल (bādala)
thunderstorm in Hindi(M) आंधी तूफान (āandhī tūfāna)
sunshine in Hindi(F) सूरज की रोशनी (sūraj kī roshanī)
hurricane in Hindi(M) तूफान (tūfāna)
typhoon in Hindi(F) आंधी (āandhī)
temperature in Hindi(M) तापमान (tāpamāna)
fog in Hindi(M) कोहरा (koharā)
flood in Hindi(F) बाढ़ (bāḍha)
tornado in Hindi(M) बवंडर (bavanḍara)
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Elements in Hindi

fire in Hindi(F) आग (āga)
water in Hindi(M) पानी (pānī)
soil in Hindi(F) मिट्टी (miṭṭī)
ash in Hindi(F) राख (rākha)
sand in Hindi(F) रेत (reta)
coal in Hindi(M) कोयला (koyalā)
diamond in Hindi(M) हीरा (hīrā)
lava in Hindi(M) लावा (lāvā)
granite in Hindi(M) ग्रेनाइट (grenāiṭa)
clay in Hindi(F) चिकनी मिट्टी (chikanī miṭṭī)

Plants in Hindi

flower in Hindi(M) फूल (fūla)
grass in Hindi(F) घास (ghāsa)
stalk in Hindi(M) डंठल (ḍanṭhala)
blossom in Hindi(M) खिलना (khilanā)
seed in Hindi(M) बीज (bīja)
tree in Hindi(M) पेड़ (peḍa)
trunk in Hindi(M) तना (tanā)
root in Hindi(F) जड़ (jaḍa)
leaf in Hindi(F) पत्ती (pattī)
branch in Hindi(F) डाली (ḍālī)

Earth in Hindi

equator in Hindi(F) भूमध्य रेखा (bhūmadhya rekhā)
sea in Hindi(M) समुद्र (samudra)
island in Hindi(M) द्वीप (dvīpa)
mountain in Hindi(M) पर्वत (parvata)
river in Hindi(F) नदी (nadī)
forest in Hindi(M) जंगल (jangala)
desert in Hindi(M) रेगिस्तान (registāna)
lake in Hindi(F) झील (zīla)
volcano in Hindi(M) ज्वालामुखी (jvālāmukhī)
cave in Hindi(F) गुफा (gufā)
pole in Hindi(M) ध्रुव (dhruva)
ocean in Hindi(M) महासागर (mahāsāgara)

Universe in Hindi

planet in Hindi(M) ग्रह (graha)
star in Hindi(M) तारा (tārā)
sun in Hindi(M) सूरज (sūraja)
earth in Hindi(F) पृथ्वी (pṛuthvī)
moon in Hindi(M) चंद्रमा (chandramā)
Mercury in Hindi(M) बुध (budha)
Venus in Hindi(M) शुक्र (shukra)
Mars in Hindi(M) मंगल (mangala)
Jupiter in Hindi(M) बृहस्पति (bṛuhaspati)
Saturn in Hindi(M) शनि (shani)
Neptune in Hindi(M) नेपच्यून (nepachyūna)
Uranus in Hindi(M) अरुण (aruṇa)
Pluto in Hindi(M) प्लूटो (plūṭo)
asteroid in Hindi(M) क्षुद्र ग्रह (kṣhudra graha)
galaxy in Hindi(F) आकाशगंगा (ākāshagangā)

Weather in Hindi

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