Top 100 Persian Words

We believe in learning the most important Persian vocabularies first to start off your learning journey on the right foot. The Persian vocabulary list below contains 100 of the most frequently used Persian words. For more vocabularies like that, check out our yellow Persian vocabulary book towards the end of this page.
Persian Vocabulary 1-20
Persian Vocabulary 21-60
Persian Vocabulary 61-100

Persian Vocabulary 1-20

I in Persianمن (mn)
you in Persianتو (tw)
he in Persianاو (مذکر) (aw (mdker))
she in Persianاو (مونث) (aw (mwnth))
it in Persianآن (an)
we in Persianما (ma)
you in Persianشما (shma)
they in Persianآنها (anha)
what in Persianچی (chea)
who in Persianچه کسی (cheh kesa)
where in Persianکجا (keja)
why in Persianچرا (chera)
how in Persianچطور (chetwr)
which in Persianکدام (kedam)
when in Persianکِی (keِa)
then in Persianسپس (spes)
if in Persianاگر (agur)
really in Persianواقعا (waq'ea)
but in Persianولی (wla)
because in Persianزیرا (zara)

Persian Vocabulary 21-60

not in Persianنه (nh)
this in Persianاین (aan)
I need this in Persianبه این نیاز دارم (bh aan naaz darm)
How much is this? in Persianاین چنده؟ (aan chendh?)
that in Persianآن (an)
all in Persianهمه (hmh)
or in Persianیا (aa)
and in Persianو (w)
to know in Persianدانستن (danstn / دان - dan)
I know in Persianمی دانم (ma danm)
I don't know in Persianنمی دانم (nma danm)
to think in Persianفکر کردن (fker kerdn / فکر کن - fker ken)
to come in Persianآمدن (amdn / آ - a)
to put in Persianگذاشتن (gudashtn / گذار - gudar)
to take in Persianگرفتن (gurftn / گیر - guar)
to find in Persianپیدا کردن (peada kerdn / پیدا کن - peada ken)
to listen in Persianگوش دادن (guwsh dadn / گوش ده - guwsh dh)
to work in Persianکار کردن (kear kerdn / کار کن - kear ken)
to talk in Persianحرف زدن (hrf zdn / حرف زن - hrf zn)
to give in Persianدادن (dadn / ده - dh)
to like in Persianدوست داشتن (dwst dashtn / دوست دار - dwst dar)
to help in Persianکمک کردن (kemke kerdn / کمک کن - kemke ken)
to love in Persianدوست داشتن (dwst dashtn / دوست دار - dwst dar)
to call in Persianزنگ زدن (zngu zdn / زنگ زن - zngu zn)
to wait in Persianصبر کردن (sbr kerdn / صبر کن - sbr ken)
I like you in Persianمن از تو خوشم میاد (mn az tw khwshm maad)
I don't like this in Persianمن از این خوشم نمیاد (mn az aan khwshm nmaad)
Do you love me? in Persianدوستم داری؟ (dwstm dara?)
I love you in Persianدوستت دارم (dwstt darm)
0 in Persianصفر (sfr)
1 in Persianیک (ake)
2 in Persianدو (dw)
3 in Persianسه (sh)
4 in Persianچهار (chehar)
5 in Persianپنج (penj)
6 in Persianشش (shsh)
7 in Persianهفت (hft)
8 in Persianهشت (hsht)
9 in Persianنه (nh)
10 in Persianده (dh)

Persian Vocabulary 61-100

11 in Persianیازده (aazdh)
12 in Persianدوازده (dwazdh)
13 in Persianسیزده (sazdh)
14 in Persianچهارده (chehardh)
15 in Persianپانزده (peanzdh)
16 in Persianشانزده (shanzdh)
17 in Persianهفده (hfdh)
18 in Persianهجده (hjdh)
19 in Persianنوزده (nwzdh)
20 in Persianبیست (bast)
new in Persianجدید (jdad)
old in Persianقدیمی (qdama)
few in Persianکم (kem)
many in Persianزیاد (zaad)
how much? in Persianچقدر؟ (cheqdr?)
how many? in Persianچند؟ (chend?)
wrong in Persianغلط (ghlt)
correct in Persianدرست (drst)
bad in Persianبد (bd)
good in Persianخوب (khwb)
happy in Persianخوشحال (khwshhal)
short in Persianکوتاه (kewtah)
long in Persianدراز (draz)
small in Persianکوچک (kewcheke)
big in Persianبزرگ (bzrgu)
there in Persianآنجا (anja)
here in Persianاینجا (aanja)
right in Persianراست (rast)
left in Persianچپ (chepe)
beautiful in Persianزیبا (zaba)
young in Persianجوان (jwan)
old in Persianپیر (pear)
hello in Persianسلام (slam)
see you later in Persianبعدا می‌بینمت (b'eda ma‌banmt)
ok in Persianباشه (bashh)
take care in Persianمراقب باش (mraqb bash)
don't worry in Persianنگران نباش (nguran nbash)
of course in Persianالبته (albth)
good day in Persianروز بخیر (rwz bkhar)
hi in Persianسلام (slam)

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Learn Persian - Quick / Easy / Efficient

Learn Persian - Quick / Easy / Efficient

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Persian Vocabulary Book

Persian Vocabulary Book

This Persian vocabulary book contains more than 3000 words and phrases and is organized by topic to make it easier for you to pick what to learn first. It is well suited for learners of all levels who are looking for an extensive resource to improve their vocabulary or are interested in learning vocabularies in one particular area of interest.

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