Countries in Persian

The below list of country names in Persian can help you travel the world. Here you learn how to say Asian, European, American, African, and Oceanian countries in Persian. For even more Persian vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Persian at the end of the page.

European Countries in Persian

United Kingdom in Persianبریتانیا (bratanaa)
Spain in Persianاسپانیا (aspeanaa)
Italy in Persianایتالیا (aatalaa)
France in Persianفرانسه (fransh)
Germany in Persianآلمان (alman)
Switzerland in Persianسوئیس (sw'eas)
Finland in Persianفنلاند (fnland)
Austria in Persianاتریش (atrash)
Greece in Persianیونان (awnan)
Netherlands in Persianهلند (hlnd)
Norway in Persianنروژ (nrwje)
Poland in Persianلهستان (lhstan)
Sweden in Persianسوئد (sw'ed)
Turkey in Persianترکیه (trkeah)
Ukraine in Persianاوکراین (awkeraan)
Hungary in Persianمجارستان (mjarstan)

Asian Countries in Persian

China in Persianچین (chean)
Russia in Persianروسیه (rwsah)
India in Persianهند (hnd)
Singapore in Persianسنگاپور (snguapewr)
Japan in Persianژاپن (jeapen)
South Korea in Persianکره جنوبی (kerh jnwba)
Afghanistan in Persianافغانستان (afghanstan)
Azerbaijan in Persianآذربایجان (adrbaajan)
Bangladesh in Persianبنگلادش (bnguladsh)
Indonesia in Persianاندونزی (andwnza)
Iraq in Persianعراق ('eraq)
Iran in Persianایران (aaran)
Qatar in Persianقطر (qtr)
Malaysia in Persianمالزی (malza)
Philippines in Persianفیلیپین (falapean)
Saudi Arabia in Persianعربستان سعودی ('erbstan s'ewda)
Thailand in Persianتایلند (taalnd)
United Arab Emirates in Persianامارات متحده عربی (amarat mthdh 'erba)
Vietnam in Persianویتنام (watnam)

American Countries in Persian

The United States of America in Persianایالات متحده آمریکا (aaalat mthdh amrakea)
Mexico in Persianمکزیک (mkezake)
Canada in Persianکانادا (keanada)
Brazil in Persianبرزیل (brzal)
Argentina in Persianآرژانتین (arjeantan)
Chile in Persianشیلی (shala)
The Bahamas in Persianباهاما (bahama)
Bolivia in Persianبولیوی (bwlawa)
Ecuador in Persianاکوادور (akewadwr)
Jamaica in Persianجامائیکا (jama'eakea)
Colombia in Persianکلمبیا (kelmbaa)
Cuba in Persianکوبا (kewba)
Panama in Persianپاناما (peanama)
Peru in Persianپرو (perw)
Uruguay in Persianاروگوئه (arwguw'eh)
Venezuela in Persianونزوئلا (wnzw'ela)

African Countries in Persian

South Africa in Persianآفریقای جنوبی (afraqaa jnwba)
Nigeria in Persianنیجریه (najrah)
Morocco in Persianمراکش (mrakesh)
Libya in Persianلیبی (laba)
Kenya in Persianکنیا (kenaa)
Algeria in Persianالجزایر (aljzaar)
Egypt in Persianمصر (msr)
Ethiopia in Persianاتیوپی (atawpea)
Angola in Persianآنگولا (anguwla)
Djibouti in Persianجیبوتی (jabwta)
Ivory Coast in Persianساحل عاج (sahl 'eaj)
Ghana in Persianغنا (ghna)
Cameroon in Persianکامرون (keamrwn)
Madagascar in Persianماداگاسکار (madaguaskear)
Namibia in Persianنامیبیا (namabaa)
Senegal in Persianسنگال (sngual)
Zimbabwe in Persianزیمبابوه (zambabwh)
Uganda in Persianاوگاندا (awguanda)

Oceanian Countries in Persian

Australia in Persianاسترالیا (astralaa)
New Zealand in Persianنیوزیلند (nawzalnd)
Fiji in Persianفیجی (faja)
Marshall Islands in Persianجزایر مارشال (jzaar marshal)
Nauru in Persianنائورو (na'ewrw)
Tonga in Persianتونگا (twngua)

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