Top 100 Romanian Words

We believe in learning the most important Romanian vocabularies first to start off your learning journey on the right foot. The Romanian vocabulary list below contains 100 of the most frequently used Romanian words. For more vocabularies like that, check out our yellow Romanian vocabulary book towards the end of this page.
Romanian Vocabulary 1-20
Romanian Vocabulary 21-60
Romanian Vocabulary 61-100

Romanian Vocabulary 1-20

I in Romanianeu
you in Romaniantu
he in Romanianel
she in Romanianea
it in Romanianel/ea
we in Romaniannoi
you in Romanianvoi
they in Romanianei/ele
what in Romaniance
who in Romaniancine
where in Romanianunde
why in Romaniande ce
how in Romaniancum
which in Romaniancare
when in Romaniancând
then in Romanianapoi
if in Romaniandacă
really in Romanianchiar
but in Romaniandar
because in Romaniandeoarece

Romanian Vocabulary 21-60

not in Romaniannu
this in Romanianacesta
I need this in RomanianAm nevoie de asta
How much is this? in RomanianCât costă asta?
that in Romanianacela
all in Romaniantot
or in Romaniansau
and in Romanianși
to know in Romaniana ști (știu, știind, știut)
I know in RomanianȘtiu
I don't know in RomanianNu știu
to think in Romaniana gândi (gândesc, gândind, gândit)
to come in Romaniana veni (vin, venind, venit)
to put in Romaniana pune (pun, punând, pus)
to take in Romaniana lua (iau, luând, luat)
to find in Romaniana găsi (găsesc, găsind, găsit)
to listen in Romaniana asculta (ascult, ascultând, ascultat)
to work in Romaniana lucra (lucrez, lucrând, lucrat)
to talk in Romaniana vorbi (vorbesc, vorbind, vorbit)
to give in Romaniana da (dau, dând, dat)
to like in Romaniana plăcea (plac, plăcând, plăcut)
to help in Romaniana ajuta (ajut, ajutând, ajutat)
to love in Romaniana iubi (iubesc, iubind, iubit)
to call in Romaniana da un apel telefonic (dau, dând, dat)
to wait in Romaniana aștepta (aștept, așteptând, așteptat)
I like you in RomanianÎmi place de tine
I don't like this in RomanianNu-mi place asta
Do you love me? in RomanianMă iubești?
I love you in RomanianTe iubesc
0 in Romanianzero
1 in Romanianunu
2 in Romaniandoi
3 in Romaniantrei
4 in Romanianpatru
5 in Romaniancinci
6 in Romanianșase
7 in Romanianșapte
8 in Romanianopt
9 in Romaniannouă
10 in Romanianzece
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Romanian Vocabulary 61-100

11 in Romanianunsprezece
12 in Romaniandoisprezece
13 in Romaniantreisprezece
14 in Romanianpaisprezece
15 in Romaniancincisprezece
16 in Romanianșaisprezece
17 in Romanianșaptesprezece
18 in Romanianoptsprezece
19 in Romaniannouăsprezece
20 in Romaniandouăzeci
new in Romaniannou (nouă, nou, noi)
old in Romanianvechi (veche, vechi, vechi)
few in Romanianpuțini/puține
many in Romanianmulți/multe
how much? in Romaniancât?
how many? in Romaniancâți?
wrong in Romaniangreșit (greșită, greșit, greșiți/greșite)
correct in Romaniancorect (corectă, corect, corecți/corecte)
bad in Romanianrău (rea, rău, răi/rele)
good in Romanianbun (bună, bun, buni/bune)
happy in Romanianfericit (fericită, fericit, fericiți/fericite)
short in Romanianscurt (scurtă, scurt, scurți/scurte)
long in Romanianlung (lungă, lung, lungi)
small in Romanianmic (mică, mic, mici)
big in Romanianmare (mare, mare, mari)
there in Romanianacolo
here in Romanianaici
right in Romaniandreapta
left in Romanianstânga
beautiful in Romanianfrumos (frumoasă, frumos, frumoși/frumoase)
young in Romaniantânăr (tânără, tânăr, tineri/tinere)
old in Romanianbătrân (bătrână, bătrân, bătrâni/bătrâne)
hello in Romanianbună
see you later in Romanianne vedem mai târziu
ok in Romanianok
take care in Romanianai grijă de tine
don't worry in Romaniannu-ți face probleme
of course in Romanianbineînțeles
good day in Romanianbună ziua
hi in Romaniansalut

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Romanian Vocabulary Books

Learn Romanian - Quick / Easy / Efficient

Learn Romanian - Quick / Easy / Efficient

This vocabulary book is a curated Romanian word frequency list with 2000 of the most common Romanian words and phrases. Following the Pareto principle (80/20 rule), this book is built to streamline the learning process by concentrating on the core words and sentence structures. The result is a unique book ideal for driven learners and language hackers.
Romanian Vocabulary Book

Romanian Vocabulary Book

This Romanian vocabulary book contains more than 3000 words and phrases and is organized by topic to make it easier for you to pick what to learn first. It is well suited for learners of all levels who are looking for an extensive resource to improve their vocabulary or are interested in learning vocabularies in one particular area of interest.

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Romanian Flashcards Online

On our partner platform Flashcardo you can find Romanian flashcards to practice online for free ordered by topics and frequency of use, similar to our two vocabulary books above.

Printable Romanian Flashcards

With this downloadable product you get all Romanian flashcards available on in various formats for you to use. In detail you get 1 EPUB ebook, 2 PDF vocabulary lists and 8 printable flashcard PDFs.

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