Sports in Mandarin

Sports is a great topic for conversation. The below list of sport names in Mandarin helps you to get familiar with Olympic and other sports in Mandarin. For even more Mandarin vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Mandarin at the end of the page.
Summer Sports in Mandarin
Winter Sports in Mandarin
Water Sports in Mandarin
Team Sports in Mandarin

Summer Sports in Mandarin

tennis in Mandarin网球 (wǎng qiú)
badminton in Mandarin羽毛球 (yǔ máo qiú)
golf in Mandarin高尔夫 (gāo ěr fū)
cycling in Mandarin自行车 (zì xíng chē)
table tennis in Mandarin乒乓球 (pīng pāng qiú)
triathlon in Mandarin三项全能 (sān xiàng quán néng)
wrestling in Mandarin摔跤 (shuāi jiāo)
judo in Mandarin柔道 (róu dào)
fencing in Mandarin击剑 (jī jiàn)
archery in Mandarin射箭 (shè jiàn)
boxing in Mandarin拳击 (quán jī)
gymnastics in Mandarin体操 (tǐ cāo)
weightlifting in Mandarin举重 (jǔ zhòng)

Winter Sports in Mandarin

skiing in Mandarin滑雪 (huá xuě)
snowboarding in Mandarin单板滑雪 (dān bǎn huá xuě)
ice skating in Mandarin溜冰 (liū bīng)
ice hockey in Mandarin冰球 (bīng qiú)
biathlon in Mandarin冬季两项 (dōng jì liǎng xiàng)
luge in Mandarin无舵雪橇 (wú duò xuě qiāo)
ski jumping in Mandarin跳台滑雪 (tiào tái huá xuě)

Water Sports in Mandarin

swimming in Mandarin游泳 (yóu yǒng)
water polo in Mandarin水球 (shuǐ qiú)
surfing in Mandarin冲浪 (chōng làng)
rowing in Mandarin赛艇 (sài tǐng)
windsurfing in Mandarin滑浪风帆 (huá làng fēng fān)
sailing in Mandarin航行 (háng xíng)

Team Sports in Mandarin

football in Mandarin足球 (zú qiú)
basketball in Mandarin篮球 (lán qiú)
volleyball in Mandarin排球 (pái qiú)
cricket in Mandarin板球 (bǎn qiú)
baseball in Mandarin棒球 (bàng qiú)
rugby in Mandarin橄榄球 (gǎn lǎn qiú)
handball in Mandarin手球 (shǒu qiú)
field hockey in Mandarin曲棍球 (qū gùn qiú)
beach volleyball in Mandarin沙滩排球 (shā tān pái qiú)
Australian football in Mandarin澳式足球 (ào shì zú qiú)
American football in Mandarin美式足球 (měi shì zú qiú)

Sports in Mandarin

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