Clothes in Mandarin

Do you need to go and buy clothes using Mandarin? The below list of Mandarin clothing names might come in handy. For even more Mandarin vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Mandarin at the end of the page.

Shoes in Mandarin

flip-flops in Mandarin人字拖 (rén zì tuō)
high heels in Mandarin高跟鞋 (gāo gēn xié)
trainers in Mandarin运动鞋 (yùn dòng xié)
sandals in Mandarin凉鞋 (liáng xié)
leather shoes in Mandarin皮鞋 (pí xié)
slippers in Mandarin拖鞋 (tuō xié)
football boots in Mandarin足球鞋 (zú qiú xié)
hiking boots in Mandarin登山鞋 (dēng shān xié)
ballet shoes in Mandarin芭蕾舞鞋 (bā lěi wǔ xié)
dancing shoes in Mandarin舞鞋 (wǔ xié)

Underwear in Mandarin

bra in Mandarin胸罩 (xiōng zhào)
jogging bra in Mandarin运动胸罩 (yùn dòng xiōng zhào)
panties in Mandarin三角裤 (sān jiǎo kù)
underpants in Mandarin内裤 (nèi kù)
undershirt in Mandarin汗衫 (hàn shān)
sock in Mandarin袜子 (wà zi)
pantyhose in Mandarin连裤袜 (lián kù wà)
pyjamas in Mandarin睡衣 (shuì yī)

Other Clothes in Mandarin

T-shirt in MandarinT恤 (T xù)
shorts in Mandarin短裤 (duǎn kù)
trousers in Mandarin裤子 (kù zi)
jeans in Mandarin牛仔裤 (niú zǎi kù)
sweater in Mandarin毛衣 (máo yī)
suit in Mandarin西装 (xī zhuāng)
dress in Mandarin连衣裙 (lián yī qún)
coat in Mandarin大衣 (dà yī)
raincoat in Mandarin雨衣 (yǔ yī)

Accessories in Mandarin

glasses in Mandarin眼镜 (yǎn jìng)
sunglasses in Mandarin太阳镜 (tài yáng jìng)
umbrella in Mandarin雨伞 (yǔ sǎn)
ring in Mandarin戒指 (jiè zhi)
earring in Mandarin耳环 (ěr huán)
wallet in Mandarin钱包 (qián bāo)
watch in Mandarin手表 (shǒu biǎo)
belt in Mandarin腰带 (yāo dài)
handbag in Mandarin手提包 (shǒu tí bāo)
scarf in Mandarin围巾 (wéi jīn)
hat in Mandarin帽子 (mào zi)
tie in Mandarin领带 (lǐng dài)

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