Nature & Weather in Mandarin

Many activities rely on the weather. To understand the local Mandarin weather report, we have put together a list of Mandarin weather and nature vocabularies for you. For even more Mandarin vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Mandarin at the end of the page.
Weather in Mandarin
Elements in Mandarin
Plants in Mandarin
Earth in Mandarin
Universe in Mandarin

Weather in Mandarin

rain in Mandarin雨 (yǔ)
snow in Mandarin雪 (xuě)
ice in Mandarin冰 (bīng)
wind in Mandarin风 (fēng)
storm in Mandarin风暴 (fēng bào)
cloud in Mandarin云 (yún)
thunderstorm in Mandarin雷暴 (léi bào)
sunshine in Mandarin阳光 (yáng guāng)
hurricane in Mandarin飓风 (jù fēng)
typhoon in Mandarin台风 (tái fēng)
temperature in Mandarin温度 (wēn dù)
fog in Mandarin雾 (wù)
flood in Mandarin洪水 (hóng shuǐ)
tornado in Mandarin龙卷风 (lóng juǎn fēng)

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Elements in Mandarin

fire in Mandarin火 (huǒ)
water in Mandarin水 (shuǐ)
soil in Mandarin土 (tǔ)
ash in Mandarin灰 (huī)
sand in Mandarin沙 (shā)
coal in Mandarin煤 (méi)
diamond in Mandarin钻石 (zuàn shí)
lava in Mandarin熔岩 (róng yán)
granite in Mandarin花岗石 (huā gāng shí)
clay in Mandarin粘土 (nián tǔ)
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Plants in Mandarin

flower in Mandarin花 (huā)
grass in Mandarin草 (cǎo)
stalk in Mandarin茎 (jīng)
blossom in Mandarin苞 (bāo)
seed in Mandarin种子 (zhǒng zi)
tree in Mandarin树 (shù)
trunk in Mandarin树干 (shù gàn)
root in Mandarin树根 (shù gēn)
leaf in Mandarin叶 (yè)
branch in Mandarin树枝 (shù zhī)
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Earth in Mandarin

equator in Mandarin赤道 (chì dào)
sea in Mandarin海洋 (hǎi yáng)
island in Mandarin岛 (dǎo)
mountain in Mandarin山 (shān)
river in Mandarin河流 (hé liú)
forest in Mandarin森林 (sēn lín)
desert in Mandarin沙漠 (shā mò)
lake in Mandarin湖 (hú)
volcano in Mandarin火山 (huǒ shān)
cave in Mandarin山洞 (shān dòng)
pole in Mandarin极 (jí)
ocean in Mandarin大洋 (dà yáng)

Universe in Mandarin

planet in Mandarin行星 (xíng xīng)
star in Mandarin星星 (xīng xing)
sun in Mandarin太阳 (tài yang)
earth in Mandarin地球 (dì qiú)
moon in Mandarin月亮 (yuè liang)
Mercury in Mandarin水星 (shuǐ xīng)
Venus in Mandarin金星 (jīn xīng)
Mars in Mandarin火星 (huǒ xīng)
Jupiter in Mandarin木星 (mù xīng)
Saturn in Mandarin土星 (tǔ xīng)
Neptune in Mandarin海王星 (hǎi wáng xīng)
Uranus in Mandarin天王星 (tiān wáng xīng)
Pluto in Mandarin冥王星 (míng wáng xīng)
asteroid in Mandarin小行星 (xiǎo xíng xīng)
galaxy in Mandarin星系 (xīng xì)

Weather in Mandarin

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