Verbs in Slovenian

Verbs are a key part of any language. The Slovenian verbs list below will help you learn common Slovenian verbs in no time. Together with other basic nouns and adjectives, this will quickly allow you to express basic things in Slovenian. For even more Slovenian verbs, take a look at our learning resources for Slovenian at the end of the page.
Basic Slovenian Verbs
Slovenian Action Words
Movements in Slovenian
Slovenian Business Verbs

Basic Slovenian Verbs

to open in Slovenianodpreti (odpréti / odpr-, odprem, odprl)
to close in Slovenianzapreti (zapréti / zapr-, zaprem, zaprl)
to sit in Sloveniansedeti (sedéti / sed-, sedim, sedel)
to stand in Slovenianstati (státi / sta-, stanem, stal)
to know in Slovenianvedeti (védeti / ve-, vem, vedel)
to think in Slovenianmisliti (mísliti / misli-, mislim, mislil)
to win in Slovenianzmagati (zmágati / zmaga-, zmagam, zmagal)
to lose in Slovenianizgubiti (izgubíti / izgubi-, izgubim, izgubil)
to ask in Slovenianvprašati (vprášati / vpraša-, vprašam, vprašal)
to answer in Slovenianodgovoriti (odgovoríti / odgovori-, odgovorim, odgovoril)
to help in Slovenianpomagati (pomágati / pomaga-, pomagam, pomagal)
to like in Slovenianimeti rad (iméti ràd / im-, imam, imel)
to kiss in Slovenianpoljubiti (poljubíti / poljubi-, poljubim, poljubil)
to eat in Slovenianjesti (jésti / je-, jem, jedel)
to drink in Slovenianpiti (píti / pi-, pijem, pil)

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Slovenian Action Words

to take in Slovenianvzeti (vzéti / vz-, vzamem, vzel)
to put in Slovenianpoložiti (položíti / položi-, položim, položil)
to find in Sloveniannajti (nájti / na-, najdem, našel)
to steal in Slovenianukrasti (ukrásti / ukra-, ukradem, ukradel)
to kill in Slovenianubiti (ubíti / ubi-, ubijem, ubil)
to fly in Slovenianleteti (letéti / let-, letim, letel)
to attack in Sloveniannapasti (napásti / napa-, napadem, napadel)
to defend in Slovenianbraniti (braníti / brani-, branim, branil)
to fall in Slovenianpadati (pádati / pada-, padam, padal)
to choose in Slovenianizbrati (izbráti / izb-, izberem, izbral)
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Movements in Slovenian

to run in Slovenianteči (têči / teč-, tečem, tekel)
to swim in Slovenianplavati (plávati / plava-, plavam, plaval)
to jump in Slovenianskočiti (skočíti / skoči-, skočim, skočil)
to pull in Slovenianvleči (vléči / vle-, vlẹ́čem, vlekel)
to push in Slovenianpotisniti (potísniti / pritisn-, pritisnem, pritisnil)
to throw in Slovenianvreči (vréči / vr-, vržem, vrgel)
to crawl in Slovenianplaziti se (plazíti se / plazi-, plazim, plazil)
to fight in Slovenianboriti se (boríti se / bori-, borim, boril)
to catch in Slovenianujeti (ujéti / uj-, ujamem, ujel)
to roll in Sloveniankotaliti se (kotalíti se / kotali-, kotalim, kotalil)

Slovenian Business Verbs

to buy in Sloveniankupiti (kupíti / kupi-, kupim, kupil)
to pay in Slovenianplačati (pláčati / plača-, plačam, plačal)
to sell in Slovenianprodati (prodáti / proda-, prodam, prodal)
to study in Slovenianštudirati (študírati / študira-, študiram, študiral)
to call in Slovenianpoklicati (poklícati / pokli-, pokličem, poklical)
to read in Slovenianbrati (bráti / b-, berem, bral)
to write in Slovenianpisati (písati / pi-, pišem, pisal)
to calculate in Slovenianizračunati (izračúnati / izračuna-, izračunam, izračunal)
to measure in Slovenianmeriti (mériti / meri-, merim, meril)
to earn in Slovenianzaslužiti (zaslužíti / zasluži-, zaslužim, zaslužil)
to count in Slovenianšteti (štéti / šte-, štejem, štel)
to scan in Slovenianskenirati (skenírati / skenira-, skeniram, skeniral)
to print in Sloveniannatisniti (natísniti / natisn-, natisnem, natisnil)

Verbs in Slovenian

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Learn Slovenian - Quick / Easy / Efficient

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Slovenian Vocabulary Book

Slovenian Vocabulary Book

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