Days & Months in Korean

Mastering the concept of time is extremely important for learning Korean. This page delivers lists of Korean months, Korean days and many other Korean words related to time. For even more time related vocabulary, take a look at our learning resources for Korean at the end of the page.

Months in Korean

January in Korean1월 (1wol)
February in Korean2월 (2wol)
March in Korean3월 (3wol)
April in Korean4월 (4wol)
May in Korean5월 (5wol)
June in Korean6월 (6wol)
July in Korean7월 (7wol)
August in Korean8월 (8wol)
September in Korean9월 (9wol)
October in Korean10월 (10wol)
November in Korean11월 (11wol)
December in Korean12월 (12wol)
last month in Korean지난달 (jinandal)
this month in Korean이번달 (ibeondal)
next month in Korean다음달 (da-eumdal)
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Days in Korean

Monday in Korean월요일 (wol-yoil)
Tuesday in Korean화요일 (hwayoil)
Wednesday in Korean수요일 (suyoil)
Thursday in Korean목요일 (mog-yoil)
Friday in Korean금요일 (geum-yoil)
Saturday in Korean토요일 (toyoil)
Sunday in Korean일요일 (il-yoil)
yesterday in Korean어제 (eoje)
today in Korean오늘 (oneul)
tomorrow in Korean내일 (naeil)

Time in Korean

second in Korean초 (cho)
minute in Korean분 (bun)
hour in Korean시 (si)
1:00 in Korean한시 (hansi)
2:05 in Korean두시 오분 (dusi obun)
3:10 in Korean세시 십분 (sesi sibbun)
4:15 in Korean네시 십오분 (nesi sib-obun)
5:20 in Korean다섯시 이십분 (daseos-si isibbun)
6:25 in Korean여섯시 이십오분 (yeoseos-si isib-obun)
7:30 in Korean일곱시 반 (ilgobsi ban)
8:35 in Korean여덟시 삼십오분 (yeodeolbsi samsib-obun)
9:40 in Korean열시 이십분전 (yeolsi isibbunjeon)
10:45 in Korean열한시 십오분전 (yeolhansi sib-obunjeon)
11:50 in Korean열두시 십분전 (yeoldusi sibbunjeon)
12:55 in Korean한시 오분전 (hansi obunjeon)

Other Time-Related Korean Words

time in Korean시간 (sigan)
date in Korean날짜 (naljja)
day in Korean일 (il)
week in Korean주 (ju)
month in Korean달 (dal)
year in Korean년 (nyeon)
spring in Korean봄 (bom)
summer in Korean여름 (yeoleum)
autumn in Korean가을 (ga-eul)
winter in Korean겨울 (gyeoul)
last year in Korean작년 (jagnyeon)
this year in Korean올해 (olhae)
next year in Korean내년 (naenyeon)
last month in Korean지난달 (jinandal)
this month in Korean이번달 (ibeondal)
next month in Korean다음달 (da-eumdal)

Days & Months in Korean

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