Business in Korean

Doing business in Korean is not easy. The below list with Korean business terms can help you to get started. For even more Korean vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Korean at the end of the page.
Company Terms in Korean
Office Words in Korean
Devices in Korean
Legal Terms in Korean
Banking in Korean

Company Terms in Korean

company in Korean회사 (hoesa)
job in Korean직업 (jig-eob)
bank in Korean은행 (eunhaeng)
office in Korean사무실 (samusil)
meeting room in Korean회의실 (hoeuisil)
employee in Korean직원 (jig-won)
employer in Korean고용주 (goyongju)
staff in Korean직원 (jig-won)
salary in Korean월급 (wolgeub)
insurance in Korean보험 (boheom)
marketing in Korean마케팅 (maketing)
accounting in Korean회계 (hoegye)
tax in Korean세금 (segeum)

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Office Words in Korean

letter in Korean편지 (pyeonji)
envelope in Korean봉투 (bongtu)
address in Korean주소 (juso)
zip code in Korean우편번호 (upyeonbeonho)
parcel in Korean소포 (sopo)
fax in Korean팩스 (paegseu)
text message in Korean문자 메시지 (munja mesiji)
projector in Korean프로젝터 (peulojegteo)
folder in Korean서류철 (seolyucheol)
presentation in Korean프레젠테이션 (peulejenteisyeon)
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Devices in Korean

laptop in Korean노트북 (noteubug)
screen in Korean모니터 (moniteo)
printer in Korean프린터 (peulinteo)
scanner in Korean스캐너 (seukaeneo)
telephone in Korean전화기 (jeonhwagi)
USB stick in KoreanUSB 플래시 드라이브 (USB peullaesi deulaibeu)
hard drive in Korean하드 드라이브 (hadeu deulaibeu)
keyboard in Korean키보드 (kibodeu)
mouse in Korean마우스 (mauseu)
server in Korean서버 (seobeo)
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Legal Terms in Korean

law in Korean법률 (beoblyul)
fine in Korean벌금 (beolgeum)
prison in Korean감옥 (gam-og)
court in Korean법정 (beobjeong)
jury in Korean배심 (baesim)
witness in Korean증인 (jeung-in)
defendant in Korean피고 (pigo)
evidence in Korean증거 (jeung-geo)
fingerprint in Korean지문 (jimun)
paragraph in Korean문단 (mundan)

Banking in Korean

money in Korean돈 (don)
coin in Korean동전 (dongjeon)
note in Korean지폐 (jipye)
credit card in Korean신용카드 (sin-yongkadeu)
cash machine in Korean현금 기계 (hyeongeum gigye)
signature in Korean서명 (seomyeong)
dollar in Korean달러 (dalleo)
euro in Korean유로 (yulo)
pound in Korean파운드 (paundeu)
bank account in Korean은행계좌 (eunhaeng-gyejwa)
cheque in Korean수표 (supyo)
stock exchange in Korean증권 거래소 (jeung-gwon geolaeso)

Business in Korean

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