20 Korean Phrases You Can Use Immediately

Once you start learning a new language, you want to use it immediately. The 20 Korean phrases in the list below allow you to do exactly that. For even more phrases, take a look at our learning resources for Korean at the end of the page.

please제발 (jebal)
thank you고마워 (gomawo)
sorry미안해 (mianhae)
I want this나 이거 갖고 싶어 (na igeo gajgo sip-eo)
I want more난 더 원해 (nan deo wonhae)
I know알아 (al-a)
I don't know몰라 (molla)
Can you help me?저 좀 도와주실래요? (jeo jom dowajusillaeyo?)
I don't like this난 이게 싫어요 (nan ige silh-eoyo)
I like you난 너가 좋아요 (nan neoga joh-ayo)
I love you사랑해 (salanghae)
I miss you너가 그리워. (neoga geuliwo.)
see you later나중에 보자 (najung-e boja)
Come with me나랑 같이 가자 (nalang gat-i gaja)
turn right우회전해 (uhoejeonhae)
turn left좌회전해 (jwahoejeonhae)
go straight직진해 (jigjinhae)
What's your name?이름이 뭐에요? (ileum-i mwo-eyo?)
My name is David내 이름은 데이비드야 (nae ileum-eun deibideuya)
I'm 22 years old난 22살이야 (nan 22sal-iya)
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