Days & Months in Japanese

Mastering the concept of time is extremely important for learning Japanese. This page delivers lists of Japanese months, Japanese days and many other Japanese words related to time. For even more time related vocabulary, take a look at our learning resources for Japanese at the end of the page.

Months in Japanese

January in Japanese一月 (ichi gatsu)
February in Japanese二月 (ni gatsu)
March in Japanese三月 (san gatsu)
April in Japanese四月 (shi gatsu)
May in Japanese五月 (go gatsu)
June in Japanese六月 (roku gatsu)
July in Japanese七月 (shichi gatsu)
August in Japanese八月 (hachi gatsu)
September in Japanese九月 (kyū gatsu)
October in Japanese十月 (jū gatsu)
November in Japanese十一月 (jū ichi gatsu)
December in Japanese十二月 (jū ni gatsu)
last month in Japanese先月 (sengetsu)
this month in Japanese今月 (kongetsu)
next month in Japanese来月 (raigetsu)

Days in Japanese

Monday in Japanese月曜日 (getsuyōbi)
Tuesday in Japanese火曜日 (kayōbi)
Wednesday in Japanese水曜日 (suiyōbi)
Thursday in Japanese木曜日 (mokuyōbi)
Friday in Japanese金曜日 (kin yōbi)
Saturday in Japanese土曜日 (doyōbi)
Sunday in Japanese日曜日 (nichiyōbi)
yesterday in Japanese昨日 (kinō)
today in Japanese今日 (kyō)
tomorrow in Japanese明日 (ashita)

Time in Japanese

second in Japanese秒 (byō)
minute in Japanese分 (bun)
hour in Japanese時 (ji)
1:00 in Japanese一時 (ichi ji)
2:05 in Japanese二時五分 (ni ji go fun)
3:10 in Japanese三時十分 (san ji jū fun)
4:15 in Japanese四時十五分 (yon ji jū go fun)
5:20 in Japanese五時二十分 (go ji nijū fun)
6:25 in Japanese六時二十五分 (roku ji nijū go fun)
7:30 in Japanese七時半 (nana ji han)
8:35 in Japanese八時三十五分 (hachi ji sanjū go fun)
9:40 in Japanese九時四十分 (kyū ji yonjū fun)
10:45 in Japanese十時四十五分 (jū ji yonjū go fun)
11:50 in Japanese十一時五十分 (jū ichi ji gojū fun)
12:55 in Japanese十二時五十五分 (jū ni ji gojū go fun)

Other Time-Related Japanese Words

time in Japanese時間 (jikan)
date in Japanese日付 (hiduke)
day in Japanese日 (hi)
week in Japanese週 (shū)
month in Japanese月 (tsuki)
year in Japanese年 (nen)
spring in Japanese春 (haru)
summer in Japanese夏 (natsu)
autumn in Japanese秋 (aki)
winter in Japanese冬 (fuyu)
last year in Japanese去年 (kyonen)
this year in Japanese今年 (kotoshi)
next year in Japanese来年 (rainen)
last month in Japanese先月 (sengetsu)
this month in Japanese今月 (kongetsu)
next month in Japanese来月 (raigetsu)

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