20 Japanese Phrases You Can Use Immediately

Once you start learning a new language, you want to use it immediately. The 20 Japanese phrases in the list below allow you to do exactly that. For even more phrases, take a look at our learning resources for Japanese at the end of the page.

pleaseお願いします (o negaishimasu)
thank youありがとうございます (arigatō gozaimasu)
sorryごめんなさい (gomen nasai)
I want thisこれが欲しいです (kore ga hoshī desu)
I want moreもっと欲しいです (motto hoshī desu)
I know知っています (shitte imasu)
I don't know知りません (shirimasen)
Can you help me?手伝ってくれますか? (tetsudatte kuremasu ka)
I don't like thisこれは好きではありません (kore wa suki de wa arimasen)
I like youあなたが好きです (anata ga suki desu)
I love you愛しています (aishite imasu)
I miss you恋しいです (koishī desu)
see you later行って来ます (itte kimasu)
Come with me一緒においで (issho ni o ide)
turn right右に曲がる (migi ni magaru)
turn left左に曲がる (hidari ni magaru)
go straight真っすぐ行く (massugu iku)
What's your name?名前はなんですか? (namae wa nan desu ka)
My name is David私の名前はデイビッドです (watashi no namae wa Deibiddo desu)
I'm 22 years old22歳です (22 sai desu)
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