Food and Drinks in Japanese

Want to go to the market and buy some fruits in Japanese? Or order dinner in a restaurant in Japanese? The below Japanese food vocabularies might help. For even more vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Japanese at the end of the page.
Fruits in Japanese
Vegetables in Japanese
Dairy Products in Japanese
Drinks in Japanese
Alcohol in Japanese
Ingredients in Japanese
Spices in Japanese
Sweet Food in Japanese

Fruits in Japanese

apple in Japaneseリンゴ (ringo)
banana in Japaneseバナナ (banana)
pear in Japanese梨 (nashi)
orange in Japaneseオレンジ (orenji)
strawberry in Japanese苺 (ichigo)
pineapple in Japaneseパイナップル (painappuru)
peach in Japanese桃 (momo)
cherry in Japaneseサクランボ (sakuranbo)
avocado in Japaneseアボカド (abokado)
kiwi in Japaneseキウイ (kiui)
mango in Japaneseマンゴー (mangō)

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Vegetables in Japanese

potato in Japaneseじゃがいも (jagaimo)
mushroom in Japaneseマッシュルーム (masshurūmu)
garlic in Japaneseニンニク (ninniku)
cucumber in Japaneseキュウリ (kyūri)
onion in Japaneseタマネギ (tamanegi)
pea in Japaneseエンドウマメ (endoumame)
bean in Japanese豆 (mame)
spinach in Japaneseほうれん草 (hōren sō)
broccoli in Japaneseブロッコリー (burokkorī)
cabbage in Japaneseキャベツ (kyabetsu)
cauliflower in Japaneseカリフラワー (karifurawā)
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Dairy Products in Japanese

milk in Japanese牛乳 (gyūnyū)
cheese in Japaneseチーズ (chīzu)
butter in Japaneseバター (batā)
yoghurt in Japaneseヨーグルト (yōguruto)
ice cream in Japaneseアイスクリーム (aisu kurīmu)
egg in Japanese卵 (tamago)
egg white in Japanese卵白 (ranpaku)
yolk in Japanese卵黄 (ranō)
feta in Japaneseフェタチーズ (feta chīzu)
mozzarella in Japaneseモッツァレラ (mottsarera)
parmesan in Japaneseパルメザン (parumezan)
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Drinks in Japanese

water in Japanese水 (mizu)
tea in Japaneseお茶 (o cha)
coffee in Japaneseコーヒー (kōhī)
coke in Japaneseコーラ (kōra)
milkshake in Japaneseミルクセーキ (miruku sēki)
orange juice in Japaneseオレンジジュース (orenji jūsu)
apple juice in Japaneseリンゴジュース (ringo jūsu)
smoothie in Japaneseスムージー (sumūjī)
energy drink in Japanese栄養ドリンク (eiyō dorinku)

Alcohol in Japanese

wine in Japaneseワイン (wain)
red wine in Japanese赤ワイン (aka wain)
white wine in Japanese白ワイン (shiro wain)
beer in Japaneseビール (bīru)
champagne in Japaneseシャンパン (shanpan)
vodka in Japaneseウォッカ (wokka)
whiskey in Japaneseウイスキー (uisukī)
tequila in Japaneseテキーラ (tekīra)
cocktail in Japaneseカクテル (kakuteru)

Ingredients in Japanese

flour in Japanese小麦粉 (komugiko)
sugar in Japanese砂糖 (satō)
rice in Japanese米 (kome)
bread in Japaneseパン (pan)
noodle in Japanese麺 (men)
oil in Japanese油 (abura)
vinegar in Japanese酢 (su)
yeast in Japaneseイースト (īsuto)
tofu in Japanese豆腐 (tōfu)

Spices in Japanese

salt in Japanese塩 (shio)
pepper in Japanese胡椒 (koshō)
curry in Japaneseカレー (karē)
vanilla in Japaneseバニラ (banira)
nutmeg in Japaneseナツメグ (natsumegu)
cinnamon in Japaneseシナモン (shinamon)
mint in Japaneseミント (minto)
marjoram in Japaneseマジョラム (majoramu)
basil in Japaneseバジル (bajiru)
oregano in Japaneseオレガノ (oregano)

Sweet Food in Japanese

cake in Japaneseケーキ (kēki)
cookie in Japaneseクッキー (kukkī)
chocolate in Japaneseチョコレート (chokorēto)
candy in Japaneseキャンディー (kyandī)
doughnut in Japaneseドーナツ (dōnatsu)
pudding in Japaneseプリン (purin)
cheesecake in Japaneseチーズケーキ (chīzu kēki)
croissant in Japaneseクロワッサン (kurowassan)
pancake in Japaneseホットケーキ (hottokēki)
apple pie in Japaneseアップルパイ (appuru pai)

Food and Drinks in Japanese

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