Adjectives in Japanese

Adjectives are a key part of any language. The Japanese adjectives listed below will help you learn common Japanese adjectives in no time. Together with other basic nouns and verbs, this will quickly allow you to express basic things in Japanese. For even more Japanese adjectives, take a look at our learning resources for Japanese at the end of the page.
Basic Adjectives in Japanese
Colours in Japanese
Feelings in Japanese
Space in Japanese
Other Important Adjectives in Japanese

Basic Adjectives in Japanese

heavy in Japanese重い (omoi)
light in Japanese軽い (karui)
correct in Japanese正しい (tadashī)
wrong in Japanese間違った (machigatta)
difficult in Japanese難しい (muzukashī)
easy in Japanese簡単な (kantan na)
few in Japanese少ない (sukunai)
many in Japanese多い (ōi)
new in Japanese新しい (atarashī)
old in Japanese古い (furui)
slow in Japanese遅い (osoi)
quick in Japanese速い (hayai)
poor in Japanese貧しい (mazushī)
rich in Japanese豊富な (hōfu na)

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Colours in Japanese

white in Japanese白 (shiro)
black in Japanese黒 (kuro)
grey in Japanese灰色 (haiiro)
green in Japanese緑 (midori)
blue in Japanese青 (ao)
red in Japanese赤 (aka)
pink in Japanese桃色 (momoiro)
orange in Japanese橙 (daidai)
purple in Japanese紫 (murasaki)
yellow in Japanese黄色 (kiiro)
brown in Japanese茶色 (chairo)
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Feelings in Japanese

good in Japanese良い (yoi)
bad in Japanese悪い (warui)
weak in Japanese弱い (yowai)
strong in Japanese強い (tsuyoi)
happy in Japanese嬉しい (ureshī)
sad in Japanese悲しい (kanashī)
healthy in Japanese健康的な (kenkōteki na)
sick in Japanese病気の (byōki no)
hungry in Japanese腹ペコ (harapeko)
thirsty in Japanese渇く (kawaku)
lonely in Japanese寂しい (sabishī)
tired in Japanese疲れた (tsukareta)
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Space in Japanese

short in Japanese短い (mijikai)
long in Japanese長い (nagai)
small in Japanese小さい (chīsai)
big in Japanese大きな (ōkina)
high in Japanese高い (takai)
low in Japanese低い (hikui)
steep in Japanese急な (kyū na)
flat in Japanese平らな (taira na)
shallow in Japanese浅い (asai)
deep in Japanese深い (fukai)
narrow in Japanese狭い (semai)
broad in Japanese幅広い (habahiroi)

Other Important Adjectives in Japanese

cheap in Japanese安い (yasui)
expensive in Japanese高い (takai)
soft in Japanese柔らかい (yawarakai)
hard in Japanese固い (katai)
empty in Japanese空っぽ (karappo)
full in Japanese満タン (mantan)
dirty in Japanese汚い (kitanai)
clean in Japaneseきれい (kirei)
sweet in Japanese甘い (amai)
sour in Japanese酸っぱい (suppai)
young in Japanese若い (wakai)
old in Japanese年寄り (toshiyori)
cold in Japanese寒い (samui)
warm in Japanese暖かい (atatakai)

Colours in Japanese

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