60 Jobs in Japanese

Do you want to know what your job is called in Japanese? Below we have put together a list of job names in Japanese for you. For even more vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Japanese at the end of the page.
White-Collar Jobs in Japanese
Blue-Collar Jobs in Japanese
Other Jobs in Japanese

White-Collar Jobs in Japanese

doctor in Japanese医者 (isha)
architect in Japanese建築家 (kenchiku ka)
manager in Japaneseマネージャー (manējā)
secretary in Japanese秘書 (hisho)
chairman in Japanese会長 (kaichō)
judge in Japanese裁判官 (saiban kan)
lawyer in Japanese弁護士 (bengo shi)
accountant in Japanese会計士 (kaikei shi)
teacher in Japanese教師 (kyōshi)
professor in Japanese教授 (kyōju)
programmer in Japaneseプログラマー (puroguramā)
politician in Japanese政治家 (seiji ka)
dentist in Japanese歯医者 (ha isha)
prime minister in Japanese総理大臣 (sōri daijin)
president in Japanese大統領 (daitōryō)
assistant in Japaneseアシスタント (ashisutanto)
prosecutor in Japanese検察官 (kensatsu kan)
intern in Japanese研修員 (kenshū in)
librarian in Japanese司書 (shisho)
consultant in Japaneseコンサルタント (konsarutanto)

Blue-Collar Jobs in Japanese

farmer in Japanese農家 (nōka)
lorry driver in Japaneseトラックの運転手 (torakku no unten shu)
train driver in Japanese電車の運転手 (densha no unten shu)
butcher in Japanese肉屋 (nikuya)
construction worker in Japanese土木作業員 (doboku sagyō in)
carpenter in Japanese大工 (daiku)
electrician in Japanese電気技師 (denki gishi)
plumber in Japanese水道屋 (suidō ya)
mechanic in Japanese整備士 (seibi shi)
cleaner in Japanese清掃員 (seisō in)
gardener in Japanese庭師 (niwashi)
fisherman in Japanese漁師 (ryōshi)

Other Jobs in Japanese

policeman in Japanese警察官 (keisatsu kan)
firefighter in Japanese消防士 (shōbō shi)
nurse in Japanese看護婦 (kango fu)
pilot in Japaneseパイロット (pairotto)
stewardess in Japanese客室乗務員 (kyakushitsu jōmu in)
midwife in Japanese助産婦 (jo sanpu)
cook in Japaneseコック (kokku)
waiter in Japaneseウェイター (weitā)
tailor in Japaneseテーラー (tērā)
cashier in Japaneseレジ係 (reji kakari)
receptionist in Japanese受付係 (uketsuke kakari)
optician in Japanese眼鏡商人 (megane shōnin)
soldier in Japanese兵士 (heishi)
bus driver in Japaneseバスの運転手 (basu no unten shu)
bodyguard in Japaneseボディーガード (bodīgādo)
priest in Japanese神父 (shinpu)
photographer in Japanese写真家 (shashin ka)
referee in Japanese審判員 (shinpan in)
reporter in Japaneseレポーター (repōtā)
actor in Japanese俳優 (haiyū)
dancer in Japaneseダンサー (dansā)
author in Japanese作家 (sakka)
nun in Japanese修道女 (shūdōjo)
monk in Japanese僧侶 (sōryo)
coach in Japaneseコーチ (kōchi)
singer in Japanese歌手 (kashu)
artist in Japaneseアーティスト (ātisuto)
designer in Japaneseデザイナー (dezainā)

Jobs in Japanese

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