Business in Japanese

Doing business in Japanese is not easy. The below list with Japanese business terms can help you to get started. For even more Japanese vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Japanese at the end of the page.
Company Terms in Japanese
Office Words in Japanese
Devices in Japanese
Legal Terms in Japanese
Banking in Japanese

Company Terms in Japanese

company in Japanese会社 (kaisha)
job in Japanese仕事 (shigoto)
bank in Japanese銀行 (ginkō)
office in Japaneseオフィス (ofisu)
meeting room in Japanese会議室 (kaigi shitsu)
employee in Japanese従業員 (jūgyō in)
employer in Japanese雇用主 (koyō shu)
staff in Japaneseスタッフ (sutaffu)
salary in Japanese給料 (kyūryō)
insurance in Japanese保険 (hoken)
marketing in Japaneseマーケティング (māketingu)
accounting in Japanese経理 (keiri)
tax in Japanese税金 (zeikin)

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Office Words in Japanese

letter in Japanese手紙 (tegami)
envelope in Japanese封筒 (fūtō)
address in Japanese住所 (jūsho)
zip code in Japanese郵便番号 (yūbin bangō)
parcel in Japanese小包 (kozutsumi)
fax in Japaneseファックス (fakkusu)
text message in Japaneseテキストメッセージ (tekisuto messēji)
projector in Japaneseプロジェクター (purojekutā)
folder in Japaneseフォルダー (forudā)
presentation in Japaneseプレゼンテーション (purezentēshon)
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Devices in Japanese

laptop in Japaneseノートパソコン (nōto pasokon)
screen in Japaneseディスプレイ (disupurei)
printer in Japaneseプリンター (purintā)
scanner in Japaneseスキャナー (sukyanā)
telephone in Japanese電話 (denwa)
USB stick in JapaneseUSBメモリー (USB memorī)
hard drive in Japaneseハードディスク (hādodisuku)
keyboard in Japaneseキーボード (kībōdo)
mouse in Japaneseマウス (mausu)
server in Japaneseサーバー (sābā)
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Legal Terms in Japanese

law in Japanese法律 (hōritsu)
fine in Japanese罰金 (bakkin)
prison in Japanese刑務所 (keimu sho)
court in Japanese裁判所 (saiban sho)
jury in Japanese陪審 (baishin)
witness in Japanese証人 (shōnin)
defendant in Japanese被告人 (hikoku nin)
evidence in Japanese証拠 (shōko)
fingerprint in Japanese指紋 (shimon)
paragraph in Japanese段落 (danraku)

Banking in Japanese

money in Japaneseお金 (o kane)
coin in Japanese貨幣 (kahei)
note in Japanese紙幣 (shihei)
credit card in Japaneseクレジットカード (kurejitto kādo)
cash machine in JapaneseATM (ATM)
signature in Japanese署名 (shomei)
dollar in Japaneseドル (doru)
euro in Japaneseユーロ (yūro)
pound in Japaneseポンド (pondo)
bank account in Japanese銀行口座 (ginkō kōza)
cheque in Japanese小切手 (kogitte)
stock exchange in Japanese証券取引所 (shōken torihiki sho)

Business in Japanese

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