Transportation in Japanese

If you want to get from point A to point B, you need to know how to say certain words like car in Japanese. The list below with transport related Japanese words will help. For even more Japanese vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Japanese at the end of the page.
Vehicles in Japanese
Car Vocabularies in Japanese
Bus & Train in Japanese
Flying in Japanese
Infrastructure in Japanese

Vehicles in Japanese

car in Japanese車 (kuruma)
ship in Japanese船 (fune)
plane in Japanese飛行機 (hikō ki)
train in Japanese列車 (ressha)
bus in Japaneseバス (basu)
tram in Japanese路面電車 (romen densha)
subway in Japanese地下鉄 (chika tetsu)
helicopter in Japaneseヘリコプター (herikoputā)
yacht in Japaneseヨット (yotto)
ferry in Japaneseフェリー (ferī)
bicycle in Japanese自転車 (jiten sha)
taxi in Japaneseタクシー (takushī)
lorry in Japaneseトラック (torakku)

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Car Vocabularies in Japanese

tyre in Japaneseタイヤ (taiya)
steering wheel in Japaneseハンドル (handoru)
horn in Japaneseクラクション (kurakushon)
battery in Japaneseバッテリー (batterī)
seatbelt in Japaneseシートベルト (shīto beruto)
diesel in Japaneseディーゼル (dīzeru)
petrol in Japaneseガソリン (gasorin)
dashboard in Japaneseダッシュボード (dasshubōdo)
airbag in Japaneseエアバッグ (ea baggu)
motor in Japaneseモーター (mōtā)
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Bus & Train in Japanese

bus stop in Japaneseバス停 (basu tei)
train station in Japanese駅 (eki)
timetable in Japanese時刻表 (jikoku hyō)
minibus in Japaneseマイクロバス (maikurobasu)
school bus in Japaneseスクールバス (sukūru basu)
platform in Japaneseプラットホーム (purattohōmu)
locomotive in Japanese機関車 (kikan sha)
steam train in Japanese蒸気機関車 (jōki kikan sha)
high-speed train in Japanese快速電車 (kaisoku densha)
ticket office in Japanese切符売り場 (kippu uriba)
railtrack in Japaneseレール (rēru)
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Flying in Japanese

airport in Japanese空港 (kūkō)
emergency exit in Japanese非常口 (hijō guchi)
wing in Japaneseウイング (uingu)
engine in Japaneseエンジン (enjin)
life jacket in Japanese救命胴衣 (kyūmei dōi)
cockpit in Japaneseコックピット (kokkupitto)
cargo aircraft in Japanese貨物航空機 (kamotsu kōkū ki)
glider in Japaneseグライダー (guraidā)
economy class in Japaneseエコノミークラス (ekonomī kurasu)
business class in Japaneseビジネスクラス (bijinesu kurasu)
first class in Japaneseファーストクラス (fāsuto kurasu)
customs in Japanese関税 (kanzei)

Infrastructure in Japanese

harbour in Japanese港 (minato)
road in Japanese道路 (dōro)
motorway in Japanese高速道路 (kōsoku dōro)
petrol station in Japaneseガソリンスタンド (gasorin sutando)
traffic light in Japanese信号 (shingō)
car park in Japanese駐車場 (chūsha jō)
intersection in Japanese交差点 (kōsa ten)
car wash in Japanese洗車 (sensha)
roundabout in Japaneseロータリー (rōtarī)
street light in Japanese街灯 (gaitō)
pavement in Japanese歩道 (hodō)

Transportation in Japanese

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