Animal Names in Cantonese

Animals always deliver as a nice topic of conversation to get some small talk going. Watching cat videos in Cantonese is just one of many more reasons to learn all basic animal names in Cantonese. For even more animals, take a look at our learning resources for Cantonese at the end of the page.
20 Common Animal Names in Cantonese
Animal Related Words in Cantonese
Mammals in Cantonese
Birds in Cantonese
Insects in Cantonese
Marine Animals in Cantonese

20 Common Animal Names in Cantonese

dog in Cantonese狗 (gau2)
cow in Cantonese牛 (ngau4)
pig in Cantonese豬 (zyu1)
cat in Cantonese貓 (maau1)
sheep in Cantonese羊 (joeng4)
horse in Cantonese馬 (maa5)
monkey in Cantonese馬騮 (maa5 lau1)
bear in Cantonese熊 (hung4)
fish in Cantonese魚 (jyu2)
lion in Cantonese獅子 (si1 zi2)
tiger in Cantonese老虎 (lou5 fu2)
elephant in Cantonese大笨象 (daai6 ban6 zoeng6)
mouse in Cantonese老鼠 (lou5 syu2)
pigeon in Cantonese白鴿 (baak6 gap3)
snail in Cantonese蝸牛 (wo1 ngau4)
spider in Cantonese蜘蛛 (zi1 zyu1)
frog in Cantonese蛙 (waa1)
snake in Cantonese蛇 (se4)
crocodile in Cantonese鱷魚 (ngok6 jyu4)
tortoise in Cantonese龜 (gwai1)

Animal Related Words in Cantonese

animal in Cantonese動物 (dung6 mat6)
mammal in Cantonese哺乳動物 (bou6 jyu5 dung6 mat6)
bird in Cantonese雀仔 (zoek3 zai2)
insect in Cantonese昆蟲 (kwan1 cung4)
reptile in Cantonese爬蟲 (paa4 cung4)
zoo in Cantonese動物園 (dung6 mat6 jyun4)
vet in Cantonese獸醫 (sau3 ji1)
farm in Cantonese農場 (nung4 coeng4)
forest in Cantonese森林 (sam1 lam4)
river in Cantonese河 (ho4)
lake in Cantonese湖 (wu4)
desert in Cantonese沙漠 (saa1 mok6)
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Mammals in Cantonese

panda in Cantonese熊貓 (hung4 maau1)
giraffe in Cantonese長頸鹿 (coeng4 geng2 luk2)
camel in Cantonese駱駝 (lok3 to4)
wolf in Cantonese狼 (long4)
zebra in Cantonese斑馬 (baan1 maa5)
polar bear in Cantonese北極熊 (bak1 gik6 hung4)
kangaroo in Cantonese袋鼠 (doi2 syu2)
rhino in Cantonese犀牛 (sai1 ngau4)
leopard in Cantonese豹 (paau3)
cheetah in Cantonese獵豹 (lip6 paau3)
donkey in Cantonese驢 (lou4)
squirrel in Cantonese松鼠 (cung4 syu2)
bat in Cantonese蝙蝠 (pin1 fuk1)
fox in Cantonese狐狸 (wu4 lei2)
hedgehog in Cantonese猬 (wai6)
otter in Cantonese獺 (caat3)
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Birds in Cantonese

duck in Cantonese鴨 (aap3)
chicken in Cantonese雞 (gai1)
goose in Cantonese鵝 (ngo2)
owl in Cantonese貓頭鷹 (maau1 tau4 jing1)
swan in Cantonese天鵝 (tin1 ngo4)
penguin in Cantonese企鵝 (kei5 ngo4)
ostrich in Cantonese鴕鳥 (to4 niu5)
raven in Cantonese烏鴉 (wu1 aa1)
pelican in Cantonese鵜鶘 (tai4 wu4)
flamingo in Cantonese火烈鳥 (fo2 lit6 niu5)

Insects in Cantonese

fly in Cantonese烏蠅 (wu1 jing1)
butterfly in Cantonese蝴蝶 (wu4 dip6)
bee in Cantonese蜜蜂 (mat6 fung1)
mosquito in Cantonese蚊 (man1)
ant in Cantonese螞蟻 (maa5 ngai5)
dragonfly in Cantonese蜻蜓 (cing1 ting4)
grasshopper in Cantonese蚱蜢 (zaa3 maang5)
caterpillar in Cantonese毛蟲 (mou4 cung4)
termite in Cantonese白蟻 (baak6 ngai5)
ladybird in Cantonese瓢蟲 (piu4 cung4)

Marine Animals in Cantonese

whale in Cantonese鯨魚 (king4 jyu4)
shark in Cantonese鯊魚 (saa1 jyu2)
dolphin in Cantonese海豚 (hoi2 tyun4)
seal in Cantonese海狗 (hoi2 gau2)
jellyfish in Cantonese水母 (seoi2 mou5)
octopus in Cantonese八爪魚 (baat3 zaau2 jyu2)
turtle in Cantonese海龜 (hoi2 gwai1)
starfish in Cantonese海星 (hoi2 sing1)
crab in Cantonese蟹 (haai5)

Animal Names in Cantonese

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