Music in Cantonese

What would life be without music. We have put together a list of Cantonese vocabularies around the topic of music and art. For even more Cantonese vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Cantonese at the end of the page.

Music in Cantonese

music音樂 (jam1 ngok6)
instrument樂器 (ngok6 hei3)
dance舞蹈 (mou5 dou6)
opera歌劇 (go1 kek6)
orchestra樂隊 (ngok6 deoi2)
concert音樂會 (jam1 ngok6 wui2)
classical music古典音樂 (gu2 din2 jam1 ngok6)
pop流行 (lau4 hang4)
jazz爵士 (zoek3 si6)
blues藍調 (laam4 diu6)
punk朋克 (pang4 hak1)
rock搖滾 (jiu4 gwan2)
lyrics歌詞 (go1 ci4)
melody旋律 (syun4 leot2)
symphony交響樂 (gaau1 hoeng2 ngok6)
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Music Instruments in Cantonese

violin小提琴 (siu2 tai4 kam4)
keyboard電子琴 (din6 zi2 kam4)
piano鋼琴 (gong3 kam4)
trumpet小號 (siu2 hou6)
guitar結他 (git3 taa1)
flute長笛 (coeng4 dek6)
cello大提琴 (daai6 tai4 kam4)
saxophone色士風 (sik1 si2 fung1)
tuba大號 (daai6 hou6)
organ風琴 (fung1 kam4)
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Culture in Cantonese

theatre戲院 (hei3 jyun2)
stage舞台 (mou5 toi4)
audience觀眾 (gun1 zung3)
painting繪畫 (kui2 waa2)
drawing素描 (sou3 miu4)
brush刷 (caat2)
cast劇組 (kek6 zou2)
play劇 (kek6)
script劇本 (kek6 bun2)

Dancing in Cantonese

ballet芭蕾舞 (baa1 leoi4 mou5)
tango探戈舞 (taam3 gwo1 mou5)
waltz華爾茲 (waa4 ji5 zi1)
salsa莎莎舞 (saa1 saa1 mou5)
samba森巴舞 (sam1 baa1 mou5)
rumba倫巴舞 (leon4 baa1 mou5)
Ballroom dance交誼舞 (gaau1 ji4 mou5)
Latin dance拉丁舞 (laai1 ding1 mou5)

Music Instruments in Cantonese

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