Countries in Cantonese

The below list of country names in Cantonese can help you travel the world. Here you learn how to say Asian, European, American, African, and Oceanian countries in Cantonese. For even more Cantonese vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Cantonese at the end of the page.

European Countries in Cantonese

United Kingdom in Cantonese英國 (jing1 gwok3)
Spain in Cantonese西班牙 (sai1 baan1 ngaa4)
Italy in Cantonese意大利 (ji3 daai6 lei6)
France in Cantonese法國 (faat3 gwok3)
Germany in Cantonese德國 (dak1 gwok3)
Switzerland in Cantonese瑞士 (seoi6 si6)
Finland in Cantonese芬蘭 (fan1 laan4)
Austria in Cantonese奧地利 (ou3 dei6 lei6)
Greece in Cantonese希臘 (hei1 laap6)
Netherlands in Cantonese荷蘭 (ho4 laan1)
Norway in Cantonese挪威 (no4 wai1)
Poland in Cantonese波蘭 (bo1 laan4)
Sweden in Cantonese瑞典 (seoi6 din2)
Turkey in Cantonese土耳其 (tou2 ji5 kei4)
Ukraine in Cantonese烏克蘭 (wu1 hak1 laan4)
Hungary in Cantonese匈牙利 (hung1 ngaa4 lei6)

Asian Countries in Cantonese

China in Cantonese中國 (zung1 gwok3)
Russia in Cantonese俄羅斯 (ngo4 lo4 si1)
India in Cantonese印度 (jan3 dou6)
Singapore in Cantonese星加坡 (sing1 gaa3 bo1)
Japan in Cantonese日本 (jat6 bun2)
South Korea in Cantonese韓國 (hon4 gwok3)
Afghanistan in Cantonese阿富汗 (aa3 fu3 hon6)
Azerbaijan in Cantonese阿塞拜疆 (aa3 coi3 baai3 goeng1)
Bangladesh in Cantonese孟加拉國 (maang6 gaa1 laai1 gwok3)
Indonesia in Cantonese印尼 (jan3 nei4)
Iraq in Cantonese伊拉克 (ji1 laai1 hak1)
Iran in Cantonese伊朗 (ji1 long5)
Qatar in Cantonese卡塔爾 (kaa1 taap3 ji5)
Malaysia in Cantonese馬來西亞 (maa5 loi4 sai1 aa3)
Philippines in Cantonese菲律賓 (fei1 leot6 ban1)
Saudi Arabia in Cantonese沙地阿拉伯 (saa1 dei6 aa3 laai1 baak3)
Thailand in Cantonese泰國 (taai3 gwok3)
United Arab Emirates in Cantonese阿拉伯聯合酋長國 (aa3 laai1 baak3 lyun4 hap6 jau4 zoeng2 gwok3)
Vietnam in Cantonese越南 (jyut6 naam4)

American Countries in Cantonese

The United States of America in Cantonese美國 (mei5 gwok3)
Mexico in Cantonese墨西哥 (mak6 sai1 go1)
Canada in Cantonese加拿大 (gaa1 naa4 daai6)
Brazil in Cantonese巴西 (baa1 sai1)
Argentina in Cantonese阿根廷 (aa3 gan1 ting4)
Chile in Cantonese智利 (zi3 lei6)
The Bahamas in Cantonese巴哈馬 (baa1 haa1 maa5)
Bolivia in Cantonese玻利維亞 (bo1 lei6 wai4 aa3)
Ecuador in Cantonese厄瓜多爾 (aak1 gwaa1 do1 ji5)
Jamaica in Cantonese牙買加 (ngaa4 maai5 gaa1)
Colombia in Cantonese哥倫比亞 (go1 leon4 bei2 aa3)
Cuba in Cantonese古巴 (gu2 baa1)
Panama in Cantonese巴拿馬 (baa1 naa4 maa5)
Peru in Cantonese秘魯 (bei3 lou5)
Uruguay in Cantonese烏拉圭 (wu1 laai1 gwai1)
Venezuela in Cantonese委內瑞拉 (wai2 noi6 seoi6 laai1)

African Countries in Cantonese

South Africa in Cantonese南非 (naam4 fei1)
Nigeria in Cantonese尼日利亞 (nei4 jat6 lei6 aa3)
Morocco in Cantonese摩洛哥 (mo1 lok3 go1)
Libya in Cantonese利比亞 (lei6 bei2 aa3)
Kenya in Cantonese肯雅 (hang2 ngaa5)
Algeria in Cantonese阿爾及利亞 (aa3 ji5 kap6 lei6 aa3)
Egypt in Cantonese埃及 (aai1 kap6)
Ethiopia in Cantonese埃塞俄比亞 (aai1 coi3 ngo4 bei2 aa3)
Angola in Cantonese安哥拉 (on1 go1 laai1)
Djibouti in Cantonese吉布提 (gat1 bou3 tai4)
Ivory Coast in Cantonese象牙海岸 (zoeng6 ngaa4 hoi2 ngon6)
Ghana in Cantonese加納 (gaa1 naap6)
Cameroon in Cantonese喀麥隆 (kaa3 mak6 lung4)
Madagascar in Cantonese馬達加斯加 (maa5 daat6 gaa1 si1 gaa1)
Namibia in Cantonese納米比亞 (naap6 mai5 bei2 aa3)
Senegal in Cantonese塞內加爾 (coi3 noi6 gaa1 ji5)
Zimbabwe in Cantonese津巴布韋 (zeon1 baa1 bou3 wai4)
Uganda in Cantonese烏干達 (wu1 gon1 daat6)

Oceanian Countries in Cantonese

Australia in Cantonese澳洲 (ou3 zau1)
New Zealand in Cantonese紐西蘭 (nau2 sai1 laan4)
Fiji in Cantonese斐濟 (fei2 zai3)
Marshall Islands in Cantonese馬紹爾群島 (maa5 siu6 ji5 kwan4 dou2)
Nauru in Cantonese瑙魯 (nou5 lou5)
Tonga in Cantonese湯加 (tong1 gaa1)

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