Business in Cantonese

Doing business in Cantonese is not easy. The below list with Cantonese business terms can help you to get started. For even more Cantonese vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Cantonese at the end of the page.

Company Terms in Cantonese

company公司 (gung1 si1)
job工作 (gung1 zok3)
bank銀行 (ngan4 hong4)
office辦公室 (baan6 gung1 sat1)
meeting room會議室 (wui2 ji5 sat1)
employee僱員 (gu3 jyun4)
employer雇主 (gu3 zyu2)
staff員工 (jyun4 gung1)
salary薪水 (san1 seoi2)
insurance保險 (bou2 him2)
marketing營銷 (jing4 siu1)
accounting會計 (wui6 gai3)
tax稅 (seoi3)
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Office Words in Cantonese

letter信 (seon3)
envelope信封 (seon3 fung1)
address地址 (dei6 zi2)
zip code郵政編碼 (jau4 zing3 pin1 maa5)
parcel包裹 (baau1 gwo2)
fax傳真 (cyun4 zan1)
text message短信 (dyun2 seon3)
projector投影機 (tau4 jing2 gei1)
folder文件夾 (man4 gin2 gaap3)
presentation簡報 (gaan2 bou3)
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Devices in Cantonese

laptop筆記本電腦 (bat1 gei3 bun2 din6 nou5)
screen屏幕 (ping4 mok6)
printer打印機 (daa2 jan3 gei1)
scanner掃描器 (sou3 miu4 hei3)
telephone電話 (din6 waa2)
USB stickU盤 (U pun4)
hard drive硬盤 (ngaang6 pun2)
keyboard鍵盤 (gin6 pun2)
mouse滑鼠 (waat6 syu2)
server服務器 (fuk6 mou6 hei3)

Legal Terms in Cantonese

law法律 (faat3 leot6)
fine罰款 (fat6 fun2)
prison監獄 (gaam1 juk6)
court法庭 (faat3 ting4)
jury陪審團 (pui4 sam2 tyun4)
witness證人 (zing3 jan4)
defendant被告 (bei6 gou3)
evidence證據 (zing3 geoi3)
fingerprint指紋 (zi2 man4)
paragraph段 (dyun6)

Banking in Cantonese

money錢 (cin2)
coin硬幣 (ngaang6 bai6)
note鈔票 (caau1 piu3)
credit card信用卡 (seon3 jung6 kaat1)
cash machine撳機 (gam6 gei1)
signature簽名 (cim1 meng2)
dollar美元 (mei5 jyun4)
euro歐元 (au1 jyun4)
pound英磅 (jing1 bong2)
bank account銀行賬戶 (ngan2 hong4 zoeng3 wu6)
cheque支票 (zi1 piu3)
stock exchange股票交易所 (gu2 piu3 gaau1 jik6 so2)

Business in Cantonese

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