Food and Drinks in Cantonese

Want to go to the market and buy some fruits in Cantonese? Or order dinner in a restaurant in Cantonese? The below Cantonese food vocabularies might help. For even more vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Cantonese at the end of the page.

Fruits in Cantonese

apple in Cantonese蘋果 (ping4 gwo2)
banana in Cantonese香蕉 (hoeng1 ziu1)
pear in Cantonese梨 (lei2)
orange in Cantonese橙 (caang2)
strawberry in Cantonese士多啤梨 (si6 do1 be1 lei2)
pineapple in Cantonese菠蘿 (bo1 lo4)
peach in Cantonese桃 (tou4)
cherry in Cantonese車厘子 (ce1 lei4 zi2)
avocado in Cantonese牛油果 (ngau4 jau4 gwo2)
kiwi in Cantonese奇異果 (kei4 ji6 gwo2)
mango in Cantonese芒果 (mong1 gwo2)

Vegetables in Cantonese

potato in Cantonese薯仔 (syu4 zai2)
mushroom in Cantonese蘑菇 (mo4 gu1)
garlic in Cantonese大蒜 (daai6 syun3)
cucumber in Cantonese青瓜 (ceng1 gwaa1)
onion in Cantonese洋蔥 (joeng4 cung1)
pea in Cantonese豌豆 (wun2 dau6)
bean in Cantonese豆 (dau2)
spinach in Cantonese菠菜 (bo1 coi3)
broccoli in Cantonese西蘭花 (sai1 laan4 faa1)
cabbage in Cantonese捲心菜 (gyun2 sam1 coi3)
cauliflower in Cantonese椰菜花 (je4 coi3 faa1)

Dairy Products in Cantonese

milk in Cantonese牛奶 (ngau4 naai5)
cheese in Cantonese芝士 (zi1 si3)
butter in Cantonese牛油 (ngau4 jau4)
yoghurt in Cantonese乳酪 (jyu5 lok3)
ice cream in Cantonese雪糕 (syut3 gou1)
egg in Cantonese雞蛋 (gai1 daan2)
egg white in Cantonese蛋白 (daan2 baak6)
yolk in Cantonese蛋黃 (daan2 wong4)
feta in Cantonese菲達芝士 (fei1 daat6 zi1 si3)
mozzarella in Cantonese水牛芝士 (seoi2 ngau4 zi1 si3)
parmesan in Cantonese巴馬臣芝士 (baa1 maa5 seon2 zi1 si3)

Drinks in Cantonese

water in Cantonese水 (seoi2)
tea in Cantonese茶 (caa4)
coffee in Cantonese咖啡 (gaa3 fe1)
coke in Cantonese可樂 (ho2 lok6)
milkshake in Cantonese奶昔 (naai5 sik1)
orange juice in Cantonese橙汁 (caang2 zap1)
apple juice in Cantonese蘋果汁 (ping4 gwo2 zap1)
smoothie in Cantonese冰沙 (bing1 saa1)
energy drink in Cantonese能量飲品 (nang4 loeng6 jam2 ban2)

Alcohol in Cantonese

wine in Cantonese葡萄酒 (pou4 tou4 zau2)
red wine in Cantonese紅酒 (hung4 zau2)
white wine in Cantonese白葡萄酒 (baak6 pou4 tou4 zau2)
beer in Cantonese啤酒 (be1 zau2)
champagne in Cantonese香檳酒 (hoeng1 ban1 zau2)
vodka in Cantonese伏特加 (fuk6 dak6 gaa1)
whiskey in Cantonese威士忌 (wai1 si6 gei2)
tequila in Cantonese龍舌蘭酒 (lung4 sit6 laan4 zau2)
cocktail in Cantonese雞尾酒 (gai1 mei5 zau2)

Ingredients in Cantonese

flour in Cantonese麵粉 (min6 fan2)
sugar in Cantonese糖 (tong4)
rice in Cantonese米 (mai5)
bread in Cantonese麵包 (min6 baau1)
noodle in Cantonese麵條 (min6 tiu4)
oil in Cantonese油 (jau4)
vinegar in Cantonese醋 (cou3)
yeast in Cantonese酵母 (gaau3 mou5)
tofu in Cantonese豆腐 (dau6 fu6)

Spices in Cantonese

salt in Cantonese鹽 (jim4)
pepper in Cantonese胡椒 (wu4 ziu1)
curry in Cantonese咖哩 (gaa3 lei1)
vanilla in Cantonese香草 (hoeng1 cou2)
nutmeg in Cantonese肉荳蔻 (juk6 dau6 kau3)
cinnamon in Cantonese肉桂 (juk6 gwai3)
mint in Cantonese薄荷 (bok6 ho4)
marjoram in Cantonese墨角蘭 (mak6 gok3 laan4)
basil in Cantonese羅勒 (lo4 lak6)
oregano in Cantonese牛至 (ngau4 zi3)

Sweet Food in Cantonese

cake in Cantonese蛋糕 (daan6 gou1)
cookie in Cantonese曲奇餅 (kuk1 kei4 beng2)
chocolate in Cantonese朱古力 (zyu1 gu2 lik6)
candy in Cantonese糖 (tong2)
doughnut in Cantonese冬甩 (dung1 lat1)
pudding in Cantonese布丁 (bou3 ding1)
cheesecake in Cantonese芝士蛋糕 (zi1 si3 daan6 gou1)
croissant in Cantonese牛角包 (ngau4 gok3 baau1)
pancake in Cantonese薄煎餅 (bok6 zin1 beng2)
apple pie in Cantonese蘋果批 (ping4 gwo2 pai1)

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