Top 100 Cantonese Words

We believe in learning the most important Cantonese vocabularies first to start off your learning journey on the right foot. The Cantonese vocabulary list below contains 100 of the most frequently used Cantonese words. For more vocabularies like that, check out our yellow Cantonese vocabulary book towards the end of this page.
Cantonese Vocabulary 1-20
Cantonese Vocabulary 21-60
Cantonese Vocabulary 61-100

Cantonese Vocabulary 1-20

I我 (ngo5)
you你 (nei5)
he佢 (keoi5)
she佢 (keoi5)
it佢 (keoi5)
we我哋 (ngo5 dei6)
you你哋 (nei5 dei6)
they佢哋 (keoi5 dei6)
what咩 (me1)
who邊個 (bin1 go3)
where邊到 (bin1 dou6)
why點解 (dim2 gaai2)
how點 (dim2)
which邊個 (bin1 go3)
when幾時 (gei2 si4)
then然後 (jin4 hau6)
if如果 (jyu4 gwo2)
really真 (zan1)
but但係 (daan6 hai6)
because因為 (jan1 wai6)

Cantonese Vocabulary 21-60

not唔 (m4)
this呢個 (ni1 go3)
I need this我要呢個 (ngo5 jiu3 ni1 go3)
How much is this?呢個幾錢? (ni1 go3 gei2 cin2)
that嗰個 (go2 go3)
all所有 (so2 jau5)
or或者 (waak6 ze2)
and同 (tung4)
to know知 (zi1)
I know我知 (ngo5 zi1)
I don't know我唔知 (ngo5 m4 zi1)
to think諗 (nam2)
to come來 (loi4)
to put放 (fong3)
to take攞 (lo2)
to find搵到 (wan2 dou3)
to listen聽 (ting1)
to work做嘢 (zou6 je5)
to talk講 (gong2)
to give畀 (bei2)
to like鐘意 (zung1 ji3)
to help幫 (bong1)
to love愛 (oi3)
to call打電話 (daa2 din6 waa2)
to wait等 (dang2)
I like you我鐘意你 (ngo5 zung1 ji3 nei5)
I don't like this我唔鐘意呢個 (ngo5 m4 zung1 ji3 ni1 go3)
Do you love me?你愛唔愛我呀? (nei5 oi3 m4 oi3 ngo5 aa3)
I love you我愛你 (ngo5 oi3 nei5)
0零 (ling4)
1一 (jat1)
2二 (ji6)
3三 (saam1)
4四 (sei3)
5五 (ng5)
6六 (luk6)
7七 (cat1)
8八 (baat3)
9九 (gau2)
10十 (sap6)

Cantonese Vocabulary 61-100

11十一 (sap6 jat1)
12十二 (sap6 ji6)
13十三 (sap6 saam1)
14十四 (sap6 sei3)
15十五 (sap6 ng5)
16十六 (sap6 luk6)
17十七 (sap6 cat1)
18十八 (sap6 baat3)
19十九 (sap6 gau2)
20二十 (ji6 sap6)
new新 (san1)
old舊 (gau6)
few少 (siu2)
many多 (do1)
how much?幾多? (gei2 do1)
how many?幾多? (gei2 do1)
wrong錯 (co3)
correct啱 (ngaam1)
bad差 (caa1)
good好 (hou2)
happy開心 (hoi1 sam1)
short短 (dyun2)
long長 (coeng4)
small小 (siu2)
big大 (daai6)
there嗰度 (go2 dou6)
here呢度 (ni1 dou6)
right右 (jau6)
left左 (zo2)
beautiful靚 (leng3)
young後生 (hau6 saang1)
old老 (lou5)
hello你好 (nei5 hou2)
see you later等陣見 (dang2 zan6 gin3)
ok得 (dak1)
take care小心 (siu2 sam1)
don't worry唔使擔心 (m4 sai2 daam1 sam1)
of course當然 (dong1 jin4)
good day早晨 (zou2 san4)
hi哈佬 (haa1 lou2)

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Learn Cantonese - Quick / Easy / Efficient

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Cantonese Vocabulary Book

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