60 Jobs in Cantonese

Do you want to know what your job is called in Cantonese? Below we have put together a list of job names in Cantonese for you. For even more vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Cantonese at the end of the page.

White-Collar Jobs in Cantonese

doctor in Cantonese醫生 (ji1 sang1)
architect in Cantonese築師 (zik1 si1)
manager in Cantonese經理 (ging1 lei5)
secretary in Cantonese秘書 (bei3 syu1)
chairman in Cantonese主席 (zyu2 zik6)
judge in Cantonese法官 (faat3 gun1)
lawyer in Cantonese律師 (leot6 si1)
accountant in Cantonese會計師 (wui6 gai3 si1)
teacher in Cantonese老師 (lou5 si1)
professor in Cantonese教授 (gaau3 sau6)
programmer in Cantonese程序員 (cing4 zeoi6 jyun4)
politician in Cantonese政治家 (zing3 zi6 gaa1)
dentist in Cantonese牙醫 (ngaa4 ji1)
prime minister in Cantonese總理 (zung2 lei5)
president in Cantonese總統 (zung2 tung2)
assistant in Cantonese助手 (zo6 sau2)
prosecutor in Cantonese檢察官 (gim2 caat3 gun1)
intern in Cantonese實習生 (sat6 zaap6 saang1)
librarian in Cantonese圖書管理員 (tou4 syu1 gun2 lei5 jyun4)
consultant in Cantonese顧問 (gu3 man6)

Blue-Collar Jobs in Cantonese

farmer in Cantonese農夫 (nung4 fu1)
lorry driver in Cantonese貨車司機 (fo3 ce4 si1 gei1)
train driver in Cantonese火車司機 (fo2 ce4 si1 gei1)
butcher in Cantonese屠夫 (tou4 fu1)
construction worker in Cantonese建築工人 (gin3 zuk1 gung1 jan2)
carpenter in Cantonese鬥木佬 (dau3 muk6 lou2)
electrician in Cantonese電工 (din6 gung1)
plumber in Cantonese水管工人 (seoi2 gun2 gung1 jan2)
mechanic in Cantonese機械工程 (gei1 haai6 gung1 cing4)
cleaner in Cantonese清潔工 (cing1 git3 gung1)
gardener in Cantonese花王 (faa1 wong4)
fisherman in Cantonese漁夫 (jyu2 fu1)

Other Jobs in Cantonese

policeman in Cantonese警司 (ging2 si1)
firefighter in Cantonese消防員 (siu1 fong4 jyun4)
nurse in Cantonese護士 (wu6 si6)
pilot in Cantonese機長 (gei1 zoeng2)
stewardess in Cantonese空姐 (hung1 ze2)
midwife in Cantonese助產士 (zo6 caan2 si6)
cook in Cantonese廚師 (cyu4 si1)
waiter in Cantonese伙記 (fo2 gei3)
tailor in Cantonese裁縫 (coi4 fung2)
cashier in Cantonese收銀員 (sau1 ngan2 jyun4)
receptionist in Cantonese接待員 (zip3 doi6 jyun4)
optician in Cantonese配鏡師 (pui3 geng2 si1)
soldier in Cantonese軍人 (gwan1 jan4)
bus driver in Cantonese巴士司機 (baa1 si2 si1 gei1)
bodyguard in Cantonese保鏢 (bou2 biu1)
priest in Cantonese神父 (san4 fu6)
photographer in Cantonese攝影師 (sip3 jing2 si1)
referee in Cantonese裁判 (coi4 pun3)
reporter in Cantonese記者 (gei3 ze2)
actor in Cantonese演員 (jin2 jyun4)
dancer in Cantonese舞蹈家 (mou5 dou6 gaa1)
author in Cantonese作者 (zok3 ze2)
nun in Cantonese師姑 (si1 gu1)
monk in Cantonese僧 (zang1)
coach in Cantonese教練 (gaau3 lin6)
singer in Cantonese歌手 (go1 sau2)
artist in Cantonese藝術家 (ngai6 seot6 gaa1)
designer in Cantonese設計師 (cit3 gai3 si1)

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