Transportation in Cantonese

If you want to get from point A to point B, you need to know how to say certain words like car in Cantonese. The list below with transport related Cantonese words will help. For even more Cantonese vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Cantonese at the end of the page.
Vehicles in Cantonese
Car Vocabularies in Cantonese
Bus & Train in Cantonese
Flying in Cantonese
Infrastructure in Cantonese

Vehicles in Cantonese

car in Cantonese車 (ce1)
ship in Cantonese船 (syun4)
plane in Cantonese飛機 (fei1 gei1)
train in Cantonese火車 (fo2 ce1)
bus in Cantonese巴士 (baa1 si2)
tram in Cantonese電車 (din6 ce1)
subway in Cantonese地鐵 (dei6 tit3)
helicopter in Cantonese直升機 (zik6 sing1 gei1)
yacht in Cantonese遊艇 (jau4 teng5)
ferry in Cantonese渡輪 (dou6 leon4)
bicycle in Cantonese單車 (daan1 ce1)
taxi in Cantonese的士 (dik1 si2)
lorry in Cantonese貨車 (fo3 ce1)

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Car Vocabularies in Cantonese

tyre in Cantonese胎 (toi1)
steering wheel in Cantonese軚 (taai5)
horn in Cantonese喇叭 (laa3 baa1)
battery in Cantonese電池 (din6 ci4)
seatbelt in Cantonese安全帶 (on1 cyun4 daai2)
diesel in Cantonese柴油 (caai4 jau4)
petrol in Cantonese汽油 (hei3 jau4)
dashboard in Cantonese儀表板 (ji4 biu2 baan2)
airbag in Cantonese安全氣囊 (on1 cyun4 hei3 nong4)
motor in Cantonese摩打 (mo1 daa2)
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Bus & Train in Cantonese

bus stop in Cantonese巴士站 (baa1 si2 zaam6)
train station in Cantonese火車站 (fo2 ce1 zaam6)
timetable in Cantonese時間表 (si4 gaan1 biu2)
minibus in Cantonese小巴 (siu2 baa1)
school bus in Cantonese校車 (haau6 ce1)
platform in Cantonese月台 (jyut6 toi4)
locomotive in Cantonese火車頭 (fo2 ce1 tau4)
steam train in Cantonese蒸汽火車 (zing1 hei3 fo2 ce1)
high-speed train in Cantonese高速火車 (gou1 cuk1 fo2 ce1)
ticket office in Cantonese售票處 (sau6 piu3 cyu3)
railtrack in Cantonese路軌 (lou6 gwai2)
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Flying in Cantonese

airport in Cantonese機場 (gei1 coeng4)
emergency exit in Cantonese緊急出口 (gan2 gap1 ceot1 hau2)
wing in Cantonese機翼 (gei1 jik6)
engine in Cantonese發動機 (faat3 dung6 gei1)
life jacket in Cantonese救生衣 (gau3 saang1 ji1)
cockpit in Cantonese駕駛艙 (gaa3 sai2 cong1)
cargo aircraft in Cantonese貨機 (fo3 gei1)
glider in Cantonese滑翔機 (waat6 coeng4 gei1)
economy class in Cantonese經濟艙 (ging1 zai3 cong1)
business class in Cantonese商務艙 (soeng1 mou6 cong1)
first class in Cantonese頭等艙 (tau4 dang2 cong1)
customs in Cantonese海關 (hoi2 gwaan1)

Infrastructure in Cantonese

harbour in Cantonese港口 (gong2 hau2)
road in Cantonese路 (lou6)
motorway in Cantonese公路 (gung1 lou6)
petrol station in Cantonese加油站 (gaa1 jau4 zaam6)
traffic light in Cantonese交通燈 (gaau1 tung1 dang1)
car park in Cantonese停車場 (ting4 ce1 coeng4)
intersection in Cantonese路口 (lou6 hau2)
car wash in Cantonese洗車 (sai2 ce1)
roundabout in Cantonese迴旋處 (wui4 syun4 cyu3)
street light in Cantonese街燈 (gaai1 dang1)
pavement in Cantonese行人道 (haang4 jan4 dou6)

Transportation in Cantonese

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