Shopping in Cantonese

Everyone needs to go shopping at some point. The below Cantonese shopping words can help you go through the process like a local. For even more Cantonese vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Cantonese at the end of the page.
Shopping in Cantonese
Supermarket in Cantonese
Drugstore Products in Cantonese

Shopping in Cantonese

market in Cantonese街市 (gaai1 si5)
supermarket in Cantonese超市 (ciu1 si5)
pharmacy in Cantonese藥房 (joek6 fong4)
furniture store in Cantonese家具店 (gaa1 geoi6 dim3)
shopping mall in Cantonese購物中心 (kau3 mat6 zung1 sam1)
fish market in Cantonese海鮮市場 (hoi2 sin1 si5 coeng4)
bookshop in Cantonese書店 (syu1 dim3)
pet shop in Cantonese寵物商店 (cung2 mat6 soeng1 dim3)
bar in Cantonese酒吧 (zau2 baa1)
restaurant in Cantonese餐廳 (caan1 teng1)

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Supermarket in Cantonese

bill in Cantonese賬單 (zoeng3 daan1)
cash register in Cantonese收銀機 (sau1 ngan2 gei1)
basket in Cantonese籃 (laam4)
shopping cart in Cantonese購物車 (kau3 mat6 ce1)
bar code in Cantonese條碼 (tiu4 maa5)
shopping basket in Cantonese購物籃 (kau3 mat6 laam4)
warranty in Cantonese保養證 (bou2 joeng5 zing3)
milk in Cantonese牛奶 (ngau4 naai5)
cheese in Cantonese芝士 (zi1 si2)
egg in Cantonese雞蛋 (gai1 daan2)
meat in Cantonese肉 (juk6)
fish in Cantonese魚 (jyu2)
flour in Cantonese麵粉 (min6 fan2)
sugar in Cantonese糖 (tong2)
rice in Cantonese米 (mai5)
bread in Cantonese麵包 (min6 baau1)
noodle in Cantonese麵條 (min6 tiu4)
oil in Cantonese油 (jau4)
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Drugstore Products in Cantonese

toothbrush in Cantonese牙刷 (ngaa4 caat2)
toothpaste in Cantonese牙膏 (ngaa4 gou1)
comb in Cantonese梳 (so1)
shampoo in Cantonese洗頭水 (sai2 tau4 seoi2)
sunscreen in Cantonese防曬霜 (fong4 saai3 soeng1)
razor in Cantonese剃刀 (tai3 dou1)
condom in Cantonese避孕套 (bei6 jan6 tou3)
shower gel in Cantonese沐浴露 (muk6 juk6 lou6)
lip balm in Cantonese潤唇膏 (jeon6 seon4 gou1)
perfume in Cantonese香水 (hoeng1 seoi2)
panty liner in Cantonese衛生護墊 (wai6 sang1 wu6 zin3)
lipstick in Cantonese唇膏 (seon4 gou1)

Shopping in Cantonese

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