Nature & Weather in Cantonese

Many activities rely on the weather. To understand the local Cantonese weather report, we have put together a list of Cantonese weather and nature vocabularies for you. For even more Cantonese vocabularies, take a look at our learning resources for Cantonese at the end of the page.
Weather in Cantonese
Elements in Cantonese
Plants in Cantonese
Earth in Cantonese
Universe in Cantonese

Weather in Cantonese

rain雨 (jyu5)
snow雪 (syut3)
ice冰 (bing1)
wind風 (fung1)
storm風暴 (fung1 bou6)
cloud雲 (wan4)
thunderstorm雷雨 (leoi4 jyu5)
sunshine陽光 (joeng4 gwong1)
hurricane颶風 (geoi6 fung1)
typhoon颱風 (toi4 fung1)
temperature溫度 (wan1 dou6)
fog霧 (mou6)
flood洪水 (hung4 seoi2)
tornado龍捲風 (lung4 gyun2 fung1)

Elements in Cantonese

fire火 (fo2)
water水 (seoi2)
soil土壤 (tou2 joeng6)
ash灰燼 (fui1 zeon6)
sand砂 (saa1)
coal煤 (mui4)
diamond鑽石 (zyun3 sek6)
lava熔岩 (jung4 ngaam4)
granite花崗岩 (faa1 gong1 ngaam4)
clay粘土 (nim1 tou2)

Plants in Cantonese

flower花 (faa1)
grass草 (cou2)
stalk莖 (ging3)
blossom開花 (hoi1 faa1)
seed種子 (zung2 zi2)
tree樹 (syu6)
trunk樹幹 (syu6 gon3)
root根 (gan1)
leaf葉 (jip6)
branch枝 (zi1)

Earth in Cantonese

equator赤道 (cek3 dou6)
sea海 (hoi2)
island島 (dou2)
mountain山 (saan1)
river河 (ho4)
forest森林 (sam1 lam4)
desert沙漠 (saa1 mok6)
lake湖 (wu4)
volcano火山 (fo2 saan1)
cave洞穴 (dung6 jyut6)
pole極 (gik6)
ocean海洋 (hoi2 joeng4)

Universe in Cantonese

planet行星 (hang4 sing1)
star星 (sing1)
sun太陽 (taai3 joeng4)
earth地球 (dei6 kau4)
moon月光 (jyut6 gwong1)
Mercury水星 (seoi2 sing1)
Venus金星 (gam1 sing1)
Mars火星 (fo2 sing1)
Jupiter木星 (muk6 sing1)
Saturn土星 (tou2 sing1)
Neptune海王星 (hoi2 wong4 sing1)
Uranus天王星 (tin1 wong4 sing1)
Pluto冥王星 (ming4 wong4 sing1)
asteroid小行星 (siu2 hang4 sing1)
galaxy星系 (sing1 hai6)

Weather in Cantonese

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